Chapter 20

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Journey Home


"Is it over?" I asked.

"Yes." He answered then shushed me and said, "Go back to sleep. I'll be here."

I nodded, then closed my eyes.


I awoke to silence. Aiden had fallen asleep in his chair, his head resting on my bed. I moved cautiously, trying not to wake him.

After I got dressed, I tip-toed out of the room, heading for the round table.

Everyone was there when I walked in. Everyone, but my pack.

"I need to take as many of you as possible. We need to get rid of that tyrant murderer." I said.

Octavia nodded. "Everyone is coming. There is nothing left of Avalon, and if we return, it will be a lonely life. There will be casualties and friends lost, but we will come with you."

"Thank you." I whispered.

She nodded, then said, "Everyone should be ready to leave in one hour. Take what you will want to die with, take your weapons. Take food and water. We will meet at the front gate. All of us our going. Now go get ready. And remember: one hour."

Everyone cleared out and she told me, "All of your friends are already packed up and ready. They await you by the front gate." I nodded, then headed off.


Aiden was awake now, taking my few things outside. I gave him a look of longing, but we didn't have much time other than a quick kiss. 

I went to take one last look around my bedchamber, and left.

Within the hour everyone was packed and ready, waiting at the front gate. We didn't need any horses, we were wolves. But even then we didn't need to run.

Aia opened up a portal that lead us to the boathouse on the beach, and once everyone was through, she closed it immediately.

From there we started the trek home. 

It was easy, and silent for me. Everyone was in their own little groups where they talked and played games, but I didn't talk to anyone. 

The only person I would walk with was Aiden, and the only person I let touch me was Aiden. 

Everyone else pretty much left me be.

I was afraid for him, but I didn't know how much he knew. 

The rest of the pack obviously knew something was wrong because they kept shooting me glum glances, but Aiden was trying his best to give me space, while comforting me.


One night on the trip, Aiden and I were walking a little ways from the group. 

I hadn't spoken in a week, and he had a look of worry on his face.

"Will you talk to me now?" He asked as the whispers of the rest of the group faded away.

"I-" I started, but couldn't figure out what to say or how to say it.

He looked at me, still worried, and then I knew I couldn't give him some half- baked lie.

"I'm scared." I said, looking away.

He drew his hands around me, using one hand to turn my face towards him.

"Would you like to tell me why?" He asked, his voice full of kindness and care for me.

I remembered the dream where I had talked to my mother, but it seemed so far away.

My mother had told me that the tyrant alpha that had killed my parents was going to come and challenge Aiden.

There was a big possibility that Aiden was going to die.

"How much do you know about the whole of Avalon coming home with us?" I asked.

"Their plan was to come with us because they have nothing left in Avalon, and if they don't like living here they can go back." He said, frowning at my question.

"No." I said. "It's not."

His frown deepened as he looked at me slightly confused.

"What's really going on Ana?" He asked.

The silence for the next couple of minutes became unbearable as I was trying to think of how to say it.

"The man who killed my parents, turned on Avalon's king and queen, and also killed my parents from this life wants to take one more family away from me." I said.

"Us?" He asked. "He's coming for us?" 

My eyes watered.

"He's coming for me." He said.

I nodded.

"To challenge me, kill me, and take over my pack." He said.

I nodded again. "Yes." I whispered.

"What happens to my Luna?" He asked.

"I don't know."

"And they are all here to fight." He said.


He sighed and hugged me. 

"Then good thing I put my faith in everyone around me."

I looked up at him, shocked at how he could be so calm.

"In you." He whispered, kissing me.


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