Chapter 2

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I stared for a long while at the bright screen of the laptop. I read and re-read that one paragraph. The seventh paragraph from the top was all about a wolf's eye color. And they sure weren't silver.

I had pretty much just skipped everything until I reached a picture of wolves' eyes- six of them. Only one being a puppy, none of them had silver eyes. I read it again:

"A mature Wolf's eyes are often amber brown or gold, but also commonly come in hues of brown, gray, yellow, and green."

Those eyes weren't gray. They were like a shiny silver metal. They weren't blue, because he wasn't a pup. They weren't white either. They were like liquid SILVER.

Now might be a time to call me stupid again. But I know I'm not mistaken. Silver, not grey.

"I'm not crazy. They were silver. I'm not crazy." I said before drifting off to sleep.


I was running through the woods. I was going faster than the normal human should have. Maybe I'm not normal? I thought to myself. I looked back once more and heard the screams of the people behind. I think I even saw a pitchfork or two from the farmers on the other side of the town.

I kept running though. I instinctively dodged a bullet and looked back again. I'm not THAT bad. These people are pure crazy.

"Crazy. Crazy. Silver. Crazy." The words filled the forest, echoing around me. I covered my ears, but it didn't help. The words were inside my head. "Anabelle. Crazy. Eyes. Changing color. Crazy. Wolf. Eyes. LIQUID SILVER. An-a-belle! An-a-belle!"

I couldn't block it out. The noise was all around, slurring and echoing. I was still running. I suddenly stopped. The tears running down my face were streaming and blurring my vision. I knew what had stopped me though. The wolf with silver eyes. He was right there. Just a few meters away. He growled. I was stunned.

When the townspeople came close they all stopped at the sight of the wolf. They left me to die. They just walked away, warning me to never return.

Then I saw a flash of skin color, and as I was turning,


"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. I opened my eyes to be handed a towel by Nick. My mouth dropped open. "Huh?" I wasn't really awake yet so that was all I managed.

"Being fifteen doesn't mean you can sleep in." He said smiling.

He knew I had nothing to do all day, but him being Nick he probably thought 'What the heck? I'll dump some water on her to wake her up early, just so she has nothing to do all day.' Nah. Nick wouldn't do that unless something was really wrong.

"So... Why'd you dump water on me?" I asked sounding kind of casual.

He smirked. Then his smile dropped. "Bad dream? ... Again?" He asked because I've had this dream like forty million times since I turned fifteen.

"Yeah. The same one."


I had a nice long shower and put on some simple clothes. Nick brought me breakfast and stared at me like a hawk while I ate. Then he said he had to go or he'd be late. So we said goodbye, I locked the front, and practically ran to the shower. I had gotten sweaty and gross from last night's trip to the woods and from this morning's nightmare.

I wasn't sure what I should do now. There wasn't much for me to do anyways. Then I remembered my dream. I quickly went on to my computer and went to the search engine. I typed in all sorts of things like "Humans turn into wolves" or "werewolf myths" and stuff, but nothing really helped.

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