Chapter 8

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"Um... marking you?" I suggested.

"Okay." She just said, laughingly.

"Does that mean I have permission?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes." She whispered in my ear.

I turned and looked at her, but her eyes showed nothing. They were the color of love- romance. I got lost in her eyes and finally lost control, kissing her.


(Ana's POV)

His kiss had a hunger behind it, I could tell. He's been wanting this forever, and I couldn't deny him. Nor could I deny that I really loved him. I was totally, completely, in love with Aiden. This wasn't our first kiss, but it sure was the best one. We were lying on the softest bed ever and we were together, that alone was enough. He finally broke away, kissing my neck.

I moaned with pleasure. I felt him bite me, not hard, but I knew he was marking me. Mixing his scent with my own, making me his. I was in heaven.

"Damn, girl." He muttered, when I pressed up against him. His lips dropped to mine again. His tongue pressed against my lips and I parted them oh so slightly, teasing him. He got what he wanted anyways, though, when he dropped down on me and I gasped, opening my mouth wider.

For the first time in a long time, I felt wanted, almost complete, and loved, not-pushed-away. Aiden and I could be together forever.

His tongue explored my mouth. We were pressed close together, my arms around his back, his were under my shoulders, massaging them.

We broke apart, both of us gasping for air. "Hmmm..." I muttered, licking my lips.

He laughed. "And you said you weren't good at this romance stuff." He said.

"I guess it comes naturally, with my mate." I said.

"So you accept it?" He asked.

"I have from the beginning." I said, staring into his eyes.

He sighed. "I guess we better get up now." He muttered, the look in his eyes telling me that he didn't want to get up for a long time.

"Yeah, I guess we have to get up at some point." I said.

He dropped another kiss on my lips and then rolled off me, getting out of the bed in the process.

I got out of bed as well, but we just ended up in each other's arms again. He pressed me up to the wall and kissed me, and I couldn't help myself. I kissed him back, muttering, "We'll never get breakfast at this point."

He laughed and released me, twining his fingers with mine as we went downstairs.

There were few people downstairs. A few were in the living room while Kate and Kyle were in the kitchen. We walked in and they stared at us, shocked.

"What?" I asked, confused.

They both burst out laughing at the same time, and I heard Aiden growl beside me.

I looked at Aiden, confused. 'What are you laughing at?' I asked Kate.

'Nothing. We were just saying how you guys would never come out for breakfast. Then you showed up.' She replied.

I nodded at Aiden, "Its okay. Come on, let's eat."

He nodded, shot another dirty look at his sister and best friend, and then sat down, pulling me on his lap.

"What's for breakfast?" I asked Kate.

"I'm making eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage, fruit salad, and anything else you want in a minute." She replied.

I nodded. "We celebrating something?"

She laughed. "We're celebrating the arrival of a new pack member and our Alpha's mate. Everyone in the house will come down a little later for the brunch. You'll get to meet the whole pack this Friday night at the bonfire."

"Ooo, you have bonfires? Why didn't you say something?" I asked Aiden.

"It was supposed to be a surprise." He mumbled, shooting Kate another dirty look.

She just shrugged and said, "So she knows two days early, big deal."

He growled and gripped my stomach a little tighter. I put my hand on his, and we clasped our fingers.

"Don't be mad at the cook," I said. "She might decide to do something to the food." I whispered the last part to him, even though we have awesome hearing and Kate probably heard anyways.

I got up and pulled Aiden to the other room with me. "We'll come back later, okay?" I said to Kate.

She nodded with a smile, and went back to what she was doing.

"Where are we going?" Aiden asked.

"Just to the other room." I said.

He plopped down on the couch and held his arms up to me. I sat down on his lap and laid my head back against his chest.

"This is nice," He said.

"Yeah it is." I said, yawning.

"You can go back to sleep if you want. I'll wake you when the food is ready." He told me.

"Okay." I said as my eyes closed and I curled up to him.





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