Chapter 5

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Enter: Alpha of the Anderson Pack


Before I could scream, a hand covered my mouth and someone shushed me. "Hey! It's okay, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm sorry."

I thought to myself, a human hand is covering my mouth; a male human is speaking to me.

"Uh..." I muttered. When I finally stopped staring into his eyes, I noticed how completely hot this guy was. "Do I know you?" I asked stupidly. Of course I knew him. I've seen him in the woods, just in wolf form. Then it clicked. I was in a house full of humans that could change into wolves. I probably saw him in the woods because I was on their land or something. Yeah, I'm going to go with that option.

"We saw each other in the woods a few days ago. You did not look away from my eyes, just like today. The only difference is that I'm human today." He answered.

"And it isn't night." I added. Today was not a good day for me and my speech.

His smile grew wider and he added, "And it isn't night."

I made it discreet, but I was totally checking him out. He had muscular arms and abs. He was just wearing a pair of pants, so I could see his six pack. I smiled inside. This guy wouldn't be so bad for a mate.

I could tell he was openly checking me out. I blushed and looked away. My shoulder was burning from where he had touched me. That's what I get for thinking perverted thoughts, I think of where he touched me... and of his abs...and then... Enough! No more perverted thoughts!

Then I noticed Kate, Tanya, Sarah, and Kayla in the doorway. My eyes widened and I gasped. How long were they there?!?

I glared at them and they hid behind the door and walls.

He turned towards them and said, "Come in girls. We have to talk. Bring in John and Chase too. Oh, and you too Kyle." He smirked at the joke of knowing who was out there or something.

Kate, Tanya, Sarah, John, and Kayla came in, followed by two more boys. One of the boys was tall; the other was Kayla's height.

Kate whispered to me when she reached me, "The tall one- Kyle- is my brother's right hand man, the other is Kayla's mate, Chase."

"And who's he?" I asked pointing to silver-eyes.

"He's... My brother Aiden. The Alpha of our pack." She replied, a little hesitantly. I gasped. Why was I having perverted thoughts of their Alpha? Why did he not kill me in the woods? Why-

"Something wrong?" Aiden asked. I shook my head and realized I had zoned out.

"Alrighty. We have a guest - Ana. However we need to know why she's up and at 'em so early, and if she'll be joining the crew." Kyle said.

I thought about it. I didn't know why it was suspicious that I was up in the morning, but I had thought about joining. I only had Nick back home, and now that I was able to change wolf, I could be free. There wasn't much at home but memories and Nick. If anyone caught me while I was back, they would kill me.

I finally spoke up, "I don't know about the early morning thing, but if it's okay with you, I would like to join your pack." Kate smiled, and so did the other girls. John, Chase, and Kyle had blank expressions, like they totally didn't expect that answer. I had my back to Aiden, so I didn't know what his expression was.

"Face me." I heard Aiden's voice behind me. I did, only to be kissed on the lips. I gasped, only for him to come closer. He put his arms around me, and my reaction was to do the same. I tilted my head, but I don't think we could have gotten any closer.

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