"I came to see you. Or did you not know? I wasn't after your parents when I killed them. I was after you."

"Why do you want my daughter?" My mom asked.

"You see, if she didn't struggle so much I would have made you mine!" He hissed at the both of us.

"If you hadn't already noticed, you'll never get a hold of me!"

"Oh but I will. If you hadn't noticed, while you were asleep, I have gotten inside your castle."

I gasped and woke up to find faces above my own.

"He's here!" I coughed out.


"Yes I am. But unfortunately I cannot stay. I just came to get something and go." A voice said behind us. 

"Darian." I hissed. "Why can't you leave us be?" I pleaded.

"Because when I want something, I take it. And sadly for your friends, I want you."

Aiden growled and turned wolf the same instant he said the word 'you'. Kate and the rest of the pack followed suit, and all of them came to stand in front of me. Sarah drew a dagger and stood next to me.

Octavia and her Lieutenant drew their swords, Morgan taking out her bow.

"Stand back!" I yelled, standing up. "This is my fight."

'But-' Kate started. I glared at her. Aiden was too blind with rage to notice what I had said.

"I said, stand back!" I repeated.


(Aiden's POV)

I heard her clearly, but if she wanted me to stand back then she was crazy. There was no way I was going to let her fight this jerk. 

'Aiden, please. For me, stand down.'

Her sweet, silent voice echoed in my head.

'Please Aiden.' She repeated. Ana put her hand on my wolf's head, calming him.

'Don't die.' I said, looking up at her.

She tweaked my ear and smiled. 'No problem.'

The rest of the wolves sat on their haunches, following Aiden's example.


(Morgan's POV)

I pointed my bow down. If her mate wasn't going to fight because she asked it, then I wasn't going to either.

"Just so you know, I'll take the shot if there's an opening." I said when Ana looked at me.

She nodded, then looked over towards Octavia.


(Octavia's POV)

When she looked at me I noticed the fierceness in her eyes. She wasn't going to lose, nor was she going to back down.

I swallowed. My Lieutenant looked into her eyes and shrank back, putting his sword down in the process.

I stared into her eyes. The look she gave me told me that everything was going to be okay.

I lowered my sword. "If I see an opening, I'm taking it," I said, following Morgan's choice.

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