Chapter 7

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Questions Answered


(Ana's POV)

He's a wolf." Was his simple reply.

Nick tensed, but didn't get as mad as Aiden.

"He's a WHAT NOW?" I yelled, looking between the two.


"He's a-"

"I heard you. It was just surprising." I cut Aiden off, gritting my teeth as I spoke.

Nick held his hands up, telling us he meant no harm. "I can explain." He said cautiously.

"Fine. Ten. Minutes." I said between clenched teeth. I nodded towards the kitchen table and Nick sat down on the end. Aiden and I took the other end, as far away as possible.

"Explain yourself." Aiden said gruffly.

"Alright. So I didn't know you were a wolf until I saw your note that said you were leaving. I wasn't the only one either. Mr. Kenny was one too. So are my wife and kids. We were asked to protect you from anything until you started changing. We didn't know you would actually change until we saw you change. We thought you could be a human like your cousin. She passed away four years ago. Her father married your mother's sister. He was human. Your parents and her mother were all werewolves. I hope someone explained that we don't turn wolf on the night of the full moon? Only wild wolves go crazy on that night, but there are no changes connecting them to us." He said.

"I know." I muttered.

He continued, "So your mother asked us to protect you after she died. That's pretty much my story."

He had said all that within five minutes and I wished now that I had only given him three. This was too much information all at once. "Why are you in a town instead of the middle of nowhere like the Anderson pack?" I asked.

"When your mother died, the pack broke up. We used to live in the mountains when you were a tike. Then everyone who was left just broke up and left. We haven't had contact since. My wife, Margret, Mr. Kenny, and I all came here. It was a small place when we first came, but now it's grown quite a lot. Either way, it's a good life so we didn't leave. Even if we do, it would be suspicious. You know how everyone around here is like." He answered.

I nodded. My eyes were a key to my knowing.

"Mr. Kenny was a werewolf." I muttered as I went into a daze.

I felt my hand gripping Aiden's tightly as I stared into the wood lines on the table.

"Hey. It's okay. You'll be fine." I heard Aiden mutter to me.

I nodded, not really hearing him.

All of a sudden Aiden pulled me onto his lap. "Hey!" I yelled in surprise. All the same I calmed in his arms and lent back against his chest.

"Anything else you have to add to your story?" I asked him, feeling better now that I was being held by Aiden.

"Not much. We were just supposed to stay with you after your father died. When Mr. Kenny died, my family was the last that were supposed to protect you." He said.

I nodded. I hadn't known my parents at all, but I remembered Mr. Kenny very well. He protected me from criticism when nobody else did. Now I only relied on Nick.

"So why do you stay?" Aiden asked.

"Because we have nowhere to go." Nick answered.

"What if you joined my pack?"

"Because we have a pack. They may be spread out, but we are still a pack. We still have the mind link. I'm not going to give that up."

Aiden nodded like he understood something, but I was still zoning out. It was weird, hearing about all this stuff that happened when I was ten or eleven years younger.

"I think I'll go now." Nick excused himself. "If you want I'll come every now and then to clean up the place if you want, but now I guess you'll be living with your mate." He glanced at Aiden.

"Thank you. That would be nice. I might as well stay with them. After all, I'm already a part of their pack." I answered.

He nodded and left, closing the front door behind him.

I leaned further into Aiden when I heard the door close, relaxing.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah." I answered. "I'll be okay."

He sighed. "Don't lie to me please." He begged.

"Don't ask if you know the answer then." I shot back as I tried standing, but he just held me in place.

"Okay, okay. I won't ask if I know." He said.

Being mad didn't last. He was so nice to me, it was kind of hard. I just leaned my head against his shoulder and we sat there.


I must've fallen asleep, because I felt myself being lifted up and carried wedding-style outside and back to Aiden's house.

When I woke, I was lying next to Aiden on a bed in a plain, and very clean, room.

I remembered that he had carried me back to the house, but I didn't know where in the house we were.

I felt Aiden move next to me and I nudged him. "Hmm?" He muttered still half asleep.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"My room." He said, but it sounded more like, "Mi-rom" because his head was in the pillow.

I just said, "Okay." and fell back asleep.


(Aiden's POV)

I woke up again with Ana at my side. She looked so beautiful surrounded by blankets. It looked like an angel in the clouds.

I saw her eyes flicker open and she murmured something.

I suddenly felt control slipping away. My mate was here, with me, and even though I made her a promise that I wouldn't do anything without permission, control was almost gone. Even if I was just going to make her mine, to just mark her, I was going to lose her trust.

My muscles were tense. I was losing it, but I knew I had to stay in control. I sat up and swung my feet off the bed. Losing control is not the best thing for an Alpha. Even if it is for his mate. Except that she's not officially my mate.

"What's wrong?" I heard her ask behind me.

"Nothing." I muttered.

"I thought we weren't going to lie to each other." She said.

"It's nothing. I'll be fine."

I heard a knock on the door and Kate came in. "Hey. Sorry to barge in. I came for laundry."

"Come back later." I muttered at her. She nodded and before she left she said to Ana, "He's losing control of his emotions by the way." Then she closed the door before she got hit by the lamp I had thrown her way. Instead it crashed against the door.

Ana laughed behind me. I felt her come up behind me and hug me tight.

"That's not helping." I said.

"What will?" She asked.

"Um... marking you?" I suggested.

"Okay." She just said, laughingly.

"Does that mean I have permission?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes." She whispered in my ear.

I turned and looked at her, but her eyes showed nothing. They were the color of love- romance. I got lost in her eyes and finally lost control, kissing her.


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