Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Let's flash forward a couple months here, shall we? Voom voom voom voom! There we go!

We managed to get away, and this time we got to Florida, for reals. We found a small pack, and they're trying to help Shannon and I short out what happened and punish Jake and Alf for their crimes. Honestly though, I'm just enjoying the fact that we are next to disney world. We've visited every day,

and Shannon and I are getting to be really close. I think I may have bit of a * cough * squish! * cough cough * on her.

“Charmandor?” I hear Shannon say, sounding concerned. Yes, I know, Charmandor, she calls me that now. Turns out she loves Pokemon.

“Yes?” I reply, snapping out of my day dream.

“Do you wanna play 20 questions?” She asks.

“Is this your way of getting information out of me?” I reply with.

“Maybe. Do you wanna play?” She insists.

“Fine!” I groan.

“Yay! I'll go first! Favourite colour?” She questions.

“Blue. Yours?” I reply.

“Green. Favourite song?”

“Immortals by Fall out Boy.” I answer.

“Of course it's that. At the moment, mine is Out of the Woods by T.Swizzle. Favourite Disney movie?” Shannon asks me.

“Brave. And you, dear princess Shannon?”

“Tangled. Or Frozen. Ever had sex?” I roll my eyes at her question.

“That, is an interesting but stupid question. No. I haven't. We have gone over this. Aces and Aros typically don't give any f*cks. Have you done the do though is the question? Dish sister.”

“I haven't,” She mumbles, “Ever dated someone?” She asks. Damn it. She had to choose the one question I don't want to answer.

“Aros don't date or screw, we have gone over this,” I scold her, “But yes, I have. I'm guessing you want the full story now?” She nods, urging me to go on.

“Well, you've learned by now that I'm kind of immortal and can't die most of the time, so you probably now that I'm pretty freakin' old. So let's go back to my awkward mortal years, shall we? I was born in the 1400's, 1405 I believe. Back that you kinda had to court and get married, and of course it was expected of me. But I was aro, even though I didn't know that was a thing, we didn't really believe in any sexuality other than straight. I didn't want to marry, I didn't want to court, I didn't want to have kids, or more accuratly do the thing that you need to do to have kids. That was a bit of a problem, and my parents would not let me join a convent, I had to carry on the family blood line just like my other siblings, whether I liked it or not.

One day a young boy moved to our village, wanting to trade goods. His name was David. He befriended me, promising no attempts to court unless I wished. We became close, and I trusted him. Of course back then everyone kinda assumed we were courting, and I was okay with the lie as long as he was. I had no more proposals of any kind, and my parents seemed pleased. After a year I decieded to open up to him, take the risk. I told him I didn't have those sort of feelings, the romantic ones, towards anyone, and that I didn't think I ever would. He said that that was something that happened, and he had met people like me. He then suggested something I never expected. He wanted to marry me. He said he didn't have any romantic feelings towards me, but I was his friend, almost his sister, and he wanted to marry me to keep me from being forced into an arranged marriage with a man who wouldn't understand. I agreed. I told my parents, and they were pleased. All seemed to be going well, and it was. Then David suggested that we try to act more the part, that some members of the village weren't convinced, and they thought something was wrong. He wanted to hold hands, walk with arms linked, kiss, and all the other little ways they showed PDA in the good old days. He said it didn't mean anything, and I didn't want to have questions raised, so I went along with it. But then he started to do it when we were alone. Finally one day he told me he loved me, and that he could fix me, make me feel love. He told me he had found what he thought was a way, which turned out that way was black magic. I refused. Said I would never love him like that. I was so very sorry, but I couldn't. He got mad. Told me I was lying. Called me horrible names, told me I was going to hell. Said he'd give me one last chance, but once again I refused, said I was sorry. He would listen. He put a curse on me. The curse. The angry speech he gave me was a bit different from the spell he actually created though. He said that I would have to fall in love and kiss that man to live, and then I would live until he died. I would then have until nightfall to fall in love again or I would die, being reincarnated only when everyone I ever met was dead, since apparently I can't love platonically either and am a heartless bitch. This curse would trap me forever. That was his little speech before he casted the spell. What he actually did was I have to kiss a man, just kiss them, don't even have to know them. Like he said I would live as long as they did, meaning no matter what as long as they were alive I would be too. Then when they died I would actually have until the end of the day, not nightfall, he messed up on that bit, to kiss another bloak. Still, like he said, when I die I do only get reincarnated after everyone I have ever met in that life is dead, so I get reincarnated after 70 years or so. What David didn't mention is that I stop aging and the curse activates at the age I was when I rejected him that night, which is 16.” I finish, looking up at Shannon, trying to figure out what she thinks.

“So.....” I say after a few minutes, trying to move along the moment of truth: If I'm going to be greeted with acceptance or rejection.

“So..... What?” She asks.

“What do you think? Do you hate me now, are you scared of me? What?” I ask, slightly panicked.

“I could never hate you. Finding out about what happened to you makes me care even more about you. You are my friend and I feel like you always will be.” She promises. I smile at her, and she smiles back. She keeps smiling, she doesn't stop. She doesn't break eye contact and she doesn't do anything, just smiles and stares.

Then slowly her face seems to change, it starts with her eyes, they flash into a different colour. Then they change shape. Along with the rest of her face, which was now his face. Like his his. You know who I mean, wait? You don't? Oh yeah I mean David.

“See, I said that you were a heartless bitch.”

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