Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

“Up, up, up!” Shannon whispers, shaking me.

“Fine, I'm up!” I surrender, rolling off the bed and walking to the mini fridge. As I guessed there was food and water in it, now to check if it's poisened or drugged. Poisen wouldn't do too much to me really, it can't actually kill me, but it could make me sick, for a short period of time. The problem is that it would hurt, and maybe even kill Shannon, and that shit ain't gonna happen.

I pick up a water bottle, the seal is completely closed. There are no punctures in the bottle that I can see, but when I open the bottle any holes would start squirting water, so that's the way to go. I pull off the lid and no water squirts out, so that means it's safe. I hope. There's no way to check the food though, as it's sandwhich's and such sitting in tupperware, they could easily be injected with something, so we just can't eat, which kinda sucks, and it also means we've gotta leave now. I take a sip of water to make sure once again if it's been tainted, as I did some training in this, and noramally the water will be left with a bit of a bitter taste, and when I'm sure it's clean I chuck the bottle to Shannon. She looks at me really awkwardly and anxious.

“Okay, what's wrong? Other then us being kidnapped and locked in a basement, that is.” I confront her.

“Ugh, I have issues with drinking or eating things other people have touched.” She admits.

“Oh, oh! Could I pour some water into a cap to see if it's safe then?” I ask.

“Yeah, that's fine.” I grab another bottle, checking it, then opening the bottle, sending a spray of water spurting out a tiny hole hidden behind the label. The same for every other bottle in the fridge, leaving only the bottle I took a sip out of.

“Those sick bastards.” I mutter.

“No clean water, other than that one bottle?”

“Yep. Look, I'm very, very, very sorry, but you're gonna have to drink the water.”

“I can't! I mean, I don't think I can!”

“You can! I don't backwash, I promise. I literally went to a wizard a while ago to take away the ability to backwash so I didn't leave DNA traces, along with not leaving fingerprints and some other fun things. Good thing I don't have sex because it would be hard to use a pregnancy test, let me tell you that...”

“So, no spit?” She asks cautiously.

“Not even a trace of my lips.” I reassure her.

“Okay...” She cautiously takes a sip, then a couple more. So then gulps it till the bottle is almost exactly half empty.

“Thanks, here.” She hands the bottle to me. I finish it, tossing it aside.

“So, how do we get out of here?” Shannon asks.

“That, that is a great question, I'm glad you asked.”

“Do you really not know?”

“No, I do know, but my plan would work best if things went exactly as we want it to, and that's probably not going to happen.” I explain.

“Yeah, but can it still work?” She asks.

“Yes. Maybe. Probably. We don't really have any other choice.” I reply.

“Okay. Well let's get on with this.”

“Good. Now, first things first, we need to get weapons. In a completely non sexual way, do you wanna help me break the bed?”

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