Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The unamed boy-whose name it turns out is Alf ('Call me Alfie, Alf is so stupid, it's a joke in my family'. Yeah, gonna call him Alf mostly, it seems like it'll piss him off, and I've always loved old sounding names) -and I are still trekking through the forest, with only less than an hour till we reach our destination, wherever that may be. At this point I can't ignore it anymore, I'm going to be dead before we ever get there. It's only minutes till midnight, and annoyling like Cinderella I need a kiss or else I'm screwed, and unfortunatly the only boy around is this lovely contestant right here, the one and only Alfie.

I take a deep breath, knowing that I'm gonna have to do this, and I really do not want to.

“Look,” I say, stopping walking, and turning to him, “This is really awkward, and kind of forward, actually, but long story short you're gonna have to either kiss me or bury me in about 10 minutes.” I explain quickly and awkwardly.

“Well, if you put it that way...” He says, leaning in. Oh no, really don't wanna do this. Don't like boys! Don't like girls either! Don't like anybody! Too late though.

We kiss, and it's not really anything. I'm not attracted to anybody, romantic or otherwise. It's just kissing, not an explosion, not fireworks, just lips touching lips. Not quite sure why they romanticize this so much.

I break away and I see something that I have seen many times: In all the boys I've had to kiss, in him, all those years ago, and now, and it scares me. I see desire, lust. But now it's different now, it's mixed with something else, something I've never seen before: Something I can't return, not in the way that he would want; love.

Alf practically dragged me to where we were going after we kissed, and after a couple minutes when he realized I was not going to cooperate he lifted me off the ground and ran. We got there faster than we should have, faster than we possibly could have. Humans aren't supposed to be able to run that last, for that long, while carrying a 135 pound girl, who happens to be kicking and swinging and manages to get a few good nut shots in. But how he did that is a problem for another day, not when I'm being kidnapped!

When Alf set me down, still holding onto me, I take in where the hell we are. I see a medium size house, surrounded with forest, like every other house in this area.

Crap. That means there's no one else for miles around. I haven't seen a house in what, an hour or so? That's probably a couple miles away, at least. No one's going to hear me! I'm going to die.

Wait, I'm an idiot. I can't die, unless of course Alf dies, and even then my death's still uncertain and very avoidable.

In my pointless panic I thrash around and get a few good elbow jabs in.

“Mark, Sam!! Get out here, I finally found her!”

“Who? What? Dude it's like one in the freaking morning! Go to bed!” I hear someone yell from inside the house.

“Let me in! I forget my keys! Also some humans may or may not know I'm a werewolf and are have told the police...” He mumbles the last part.

Wait what?

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?” Another person from inside yells and I can hear things, who the hell knows what, being knocked over in the house from here. How the hell did they hear that? I barely heard that.

Again, problem for another day.

“I didn't do anything! They were following wolf-me around and were going to shoot! I had to shift back!” Alf replies loudly, running into the house, lifting me up again and bringing me with him.

“Well who are they then?” The person- a tall boy with blond hair and green eyes- who was yelling and knocking things over says walking down the stairs, seeming impossibly more calm than before.

“Uh, John Persky, Jeff Maddox and Dave Hamel. Also, I kinda found my mate, but somethings wrong.” Alf explains, gesturing to me.

“Oh, hello. Welcome to the pack,” He greets, finally aknowleging the skwirming girl in his friend's(?) arms (working on an escape plan here, give me like 2 minutes), then turns back to Alf,

“What's wrong. She seems fine. Little on the small side.”

“What about the fact that I'm having to restrain her?!”

“Damn right, and I can still kick your ass!” Alf and I exclaim at the same time (You can just have a guess at who yelled what, it's pretty obvious).

“Well, she's got a feisty attitude like you, that's for sure.” The boy laughs. That's it, time to make a point and a move.

I swing my leg up and hit him in the jaw, sending him flying backwards. Alf starts to tighten his grip so I use my few precious seconds to swing my body forward and shake myself loose, sending Alf off my back and onto the ground.

“What the hell?!” The boy-I don't know who the heck he is-yells, standing up, but I'm already running through the kitchen and out the back door I noticed when I walkedwas dragged in, pulling out my gun from my backpack and pointing it behind me, shooting blindly.

Yep, that's right. Alfie dear is an idiot, he kidnapped someone and didn't think to even disarm them!

I hear shattering glass, but nothing hitting home, home being Alf or the other boy's limps or major organs.

I get out the door into the road, hopping onto a motorcycle parked in the driveway. I move to hotwire it and find the keys are actually just inside the helmet, which is on the bike.

“Idiots. I got kidnapped by idiots.” I mutter, starting up the bike and riding away, with Alf and the boy on my tail, managing to literally eat dust from the bike but not catch me. They didn't even to seem to think of knocking me off the bike! Amateurs. Fricken' amateurs.


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