Chapter 15

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Chapter 15


So, Shannon and I spent another month in perfect happiness and friendship. Now, I'm sure that at this point you are getting nervous because you're at the perfect 'happily ever after' ending point, but there are too many pages left. Don't worry though, I'm sure everything will be fi­-

“He's here!” Shannon exclaims, bolting up from where she was sitting.

“Fuck.” I curse, knowing damn well she either means Alf or David, and she caught David's scent and she would be able to feel Alf because they are still techinallymates, since there is no way for a werewolf who rejected their mate to ever actually sever the bond, it just fades slowly over time.

“Is it lover boy or evil wizard?” I ask.

“Alf. It's Alf, I can feel that he's here,” She jumps up, running to me and clinging onto me, starting to cry, “I don't want to see him, Char. I can't. He kidnapped us! I don't want him as a mate, but my wolf still does! If he's here I might give in, but I can't be with him, he hurt both of us!” She sobs.

“It's okay, Shannon, it will be okay. You are stronger than your wolf, you are stronger than the bond. You can get past this. The pack here will help you. You can do this.” I reassure her. This isn't good though, a were's wolf can be very strong at times, especailly when it comes to mates, and she seems to have a stubborn one, that won't give up even if their mate has gone bad. This is bad for me too, as I doubt David kept his word and broke the bond, meaning Alf could still have feelings for me, and that would make things shittier than it already is.

“Shannon, Charity! Are you here we need to talk!” Alf burst in through the door. Dammit, I should have locked it, but I couldn't. I had to be there for Shannon, just like I have to now. The door wouldn't have stopped him anyway. I don't have time to worry about the past, even if it was only moments ago. I need to be in the now, for Shannon. I can deal with Alf if I need to, but I should give him a chance to say why he's here, but I'm pretty sure I know why.

“Look, I'm not here to win you back, either of you!” He states, looking between the both of us, “I need your help, someone, or something, is after me! I swear! And I know that you, Charity I mean, will die if I do!” Okay, maybe I didn't know why he was here. Damn, David is trying to make me die and reincarnate already? I thought he would wait a while at the least, at the most wait until the last person I kissed dies seconds before midnight so I have no chance of surviving and am reincarnated. I guess he's playing this dirty though, so I'll have to be dirty too.

“Already, damn.” I comment.

“What do you mean by already?!” Alf asks.

“Oh, nothing, just that someone is trying to kill you so they can kill me and cause me to reincarnate in a probably fail of a plan to make me theirs.” I explain calmly, but I am freaking out on the inside. David is after me, it has to be him. If not it's someone else. To make me reincarnate is a great way to force me to join many a group or cult, including but not limited to vampires­ like last time. But this time it seems things might be even harder to escape this time. I don't know what David is doing, or if it will work, but whatever he is planning will probably make things very very complicated, especially if this 'special' reincarnation is my last.

Well, I guess you could say the shit's hit the fan.



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