Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I'm about five towns over from that hell fest I was in last week. Yep, it's been a whole week, and I've been spending the last seven days laying very low. Not only am I wanted by the police for theft and use of fire arms (even though I do have a permit, don't ask.), but I've got Alf and his idiot crew probably looking for me. I'm not that worried though, they don't seem to be very good at this whole kidnapping thing. And I'm pretty friken' good at hiding.

I would tattle on them to the police for trying, and sort of sucedding, at kidnapping me, but due to the fact that I am wanted by the police that wouldn't end very well.

I'm sitting in a starbucks drinking who-the-hell-knows-what-at-this-point-but-it's-chocolate, and booking a flight to somewhere very far away. I think now's a good time to go to Disney World.

Now before you ask if I'm insane for being in public when I'm wanted by the police and have some insane idiot werewolves on my tail- yep, I've worked out by now that they were werewolves, go figure- but don't worry, I've had to hide countless times before. Sometimes from the police, sometimes from ordinary (Okay, not really ordinary in this and a lot of cases) people, and out in the open is the last place they would look. They don't have a photo of me, the cops that is, just a discription of a black haired girl with pale skin who's about 4'6''. So I got a snazzy new haircut, dyed my hair a colour, grabbed one of my fake id's and now I'm just spending my time reading, drinking coffee and working on my laptop, sitting in starbucks and bookshops. I've become the person that you just skim over. Not doing anything out of the ordinary, but also not trying to fit in and hide, because that normally gives you away. You always skim over the girls in the coffee shops, heads buried in books. You just have a little, 'oh that's so sweet, her heads buried in a book.' remark in your head then forget she's there. So harmless you can miss them without danger, but if you disturb them the worst you will get is the middle finger and an 'eff you go away I'm at the good part'.

And now this harmless coffee shop girl is now heading to Florida tomorrow evening. All I've got to do now is get everything else set up.

It's one day later and I'm just pulling together all the loose strings for my escape/ literal getaway. I moved from starbucks when I noticed some extra eyes on me. I'm in a small cafe on the other side of the city.

I feel a tap on my shoulder. I resist the urge to swing around and disarm the person of any possible weapons, but that would on draw attention. I turn around, and the middle aged hostess is standing there with a cup of coffee.

“Some boy ordered this for you, and gave me a note to go with it.” She says, smiling knowingly, except she doesn't know anything at all. She doesn't know how much danger I'm in, how stupid I've been. Fighting the urge to flee I open the note.

Dear Charity,

I'm here. We have guys everywhere.

We aren't going to hurt you, but everyone is armed with rubber bullets and darts, but only if you try to make a scene. I'm going to be walking towards your table as you are reading this, please just leave with me quietly and I'll explain everything. You don't have really any other choice, and I don't want to hurt you.



Shit. How did they find me, how could I have been so stupid, I should have tried to leave sooner, even if that would have drawn the attention of the police.

An endless stream of if only I could have and I really should have run through my head, but I know that there's no point in them. I doesn't matter what I could have or what I should have done, it's too late now, you can't change the past. Trust me, I've tried.

“You're very hard to find, you know.” I voice remarks and I know it's Alf.

“I suppose I am.” I reply, looking up, smirking and trying to hide my fear.

“Are you going to come back with me? I can explain everything, I-” Alf starts sputtering out words, trying to explain, make this seem like it's my choice, but I know I have no choice in the matter. ”

“Alf, stop,” I say, cutting him off, “I know that I don't have the freedom to choose. Now, come on, let's just go.”


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