Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

So we watched disney movies and ate ice cream and- oh what? You really wanted to hear about why no one notices that I don't age and stuff? Actually? You care about that? Fine, if you really want. I mean, are you sure? It's not that interesting. I'm sure it's just the author's way of beefing up the word count and filling plot holes, do you really need to hear it? You do? You really do? Okay, fine. But you're not getting a creepy third person flash back, I am narrorating this ish.

So, around the 1990's computers were getting better and better, along with records. Everyone was starting to get computers, including police in the government, and that's saying the government didn't already have them for a long while. This means a yay to humanity, but also a boo from the immortal and doesn't age slash when they die they reincarnate as the exact same person despite normally being born from very different families and blood lines. Moving every once in a while was no longer the answer. Records, escpecially the DNA ones followed me, and I was starting to gin attention I didn't want. First I got rid of my pesky little ability to leave any DNA traces, but that was too little too soon. They already had too much information. So I did what you do when you need to hide. No, not actually hide or join a cult or anything, but use magic! I found a wizard. Now, I hated magic for obvious reasons for a long long time, but then I realized that it's not a bad thing, the only bad thing about it is how some people choose to use it. So, I found a wizard, one of the old guys, before dark magic was the big new thing with the young 'uns. His name was Richard, and he was around 800 years old. I at the time wanted to break my curse, more than ever, but that isn't possible. Only David can break it. Richard was very sorry to have to give me the news, even though I had heard it before, but he had a solution to my current problem. He could cast a deception spell to make no one question anything about my age, immortality, records, nothing. Not even that I have an impossible amount of degrees if I have lived a full life span, even more impossible so since I'm 16, or at least I look it, even when my records say I should be 80. Yeah, even complicated stuff like that. All the wizard wanted in return was some of my hair- yes, I know, I know, it's always the hair- to replicate my curse. As you would guess at first I was like 'hell no screw off' but Richard assured me that he wanted both him and his wife to drink it, and then kiss each other, so they would never die, since each of them could only die if the other died and that would never happen because they kissed each other and so it forms and infinate loop. See, Richard's wife was human, so she would die long before Richard, and he would have about another 500 years alone. He understood that he and Rebecca, that's his wife's name, bee-tee-double you, would not become young again, and the curse just froze you as you were when it was cast, so they would still be old. They said they were okay with it, they didn't want to be forever young, just forever in love, forever with each other, forever together. I know, 'awwwwwwwwwww'. As you would guess, I agreed, as this is the only way my curse could ever be used for good and be the cause of good.

Well, now you know that little bit of backstory, and that massive plot hold is filled. So, let's get back to the story, shall we?


There you go! Hope you enjoyed than bumbardment of chapters. I'm done... for now. I'll have a chapter ready in the next few days, and I will try to remember to update, but it's kinda hard.

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