Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

It's been who the hell knows how long, as known as about half an hour, and we've managed to break the bed, along with some of that furniture that didn't matter a few chapters ago, which happened to be a side table and a small book shelf, along with a lamp, that's metal base happens to make a fantastic weapon.

“So, what now?” Shannon asks.

“Now, we wait. Do you happen to have the time?” I ask.

“Ugh, yeah,” She says, checking the watch on her wrist, “about 10 o'clock at night.”

“Okay never mind no waiting! The time is now, let's get going!” I exclaim.

“What, why now?” She questions.

“It's near that time of the month, full moon. Forecast said clear night, near full moon, your wolf has got to be howling to get out.”

“Yeah, she is.” Shannon says anxiously.

“Well, she might be able to get out soon and run to her heart's content, possibly with a passenger if we can't steal a ride. Now, who wants to have the honour's of breaking down the door?” I ask excititly, and probably just a touch manicly.

“You can do that, I'm just gonna stand back.” She replies nervously. I hit the door with the lamp, again and again, until the handle is mangled along with the mechanisims too, at least I hope so. I managed to also knock one of the hinges off, which works too. I give the door a few good kicks and rams, knocking it off it's hinges completely.

“Alright, let's go.” I state, walking through the doorway and into the room attached, which as I remembered from when I saw the outside of the house, has a window.

“Where is everyone?” Shannon asks.

“Well, I got introduced to some of the pack while I was being held slightly less captive, and I would say that the ones they put on guard, probably the two iresponsible 19 year old twins that would run off to party with their mate, yes one- probably why Alf was so sure that it happened to him too-sooner then guarding little bro Alf's messed up mates.”

“Okay, then. So, window?” Shannon asks.


30 seconds later and Shannon is giving me a boost through the window, which may I note they forgot to lock. They also left their tranqulizer gun sitting on the table with their beers. Idiots.

“Okay! I'm up, I'm up! I didn't need those five bonks off the top of the window though.” I mumble, climbing out, taking the tranqulizer gun Shannon passes me, having it posed and at the ready. I do a quick sweep, and call out an 'all clear' to Shannon, giving her a hand and pulling her up and out.

“Now we steal a ride?” She asks.

“Yep, you're catching up fast. I personally prefer the motorcycle, if they have another, as I doubt they were able to find the last one I stole after I sold it to be scrapped for parts.”

“How about that?” She points to a harley.

“Perfect.” We suddenly hear howls that turn into people shouting.

“That, not so perfect.” I mutter.

We race to the bike, Shannon pulling off the panel before I can even ask. I start to hotwire the bike, but not before we have the pack running towards us.

I fire one shot from the tranqulizer gun, hitting one of the wolves in the shoulder, taking him down.

“Okay! Listen up!” I shout, “I'm really hoping some of you guys have a bit of a soul and an understanding of your own law's and order.”

“We know our law, and we aren't heartless, we want to help!” Christina exclaims, trying to explain.

“Your law states that if a werewolf of your pack happens to be rejected by their mate, you cannot under any circumstances hold said mate against their will.” I state, recuiting the law.

“Yes, but you must formily rejected werewolf before you leave!” Someone shouts.

“That's not how the law works, and they is no certain way to reject a mate, and normally just storming out is actually the way most wolves, and especially supposed severed mate bond or human mates, choose to do so.” I say, gesturing between the two of us.

“Now,” Shannon states, grabbing the gun, “Are y'all gonna follow the law, or do I have to make a new one?” She threatens, loading the gun and pointing it.

“You can go, but Shannon, I really hope you think about this and deciede to come back.” Christina pleads.

“Not gonna happen.” Shannon replies, shooting a dart that just misses Christina. I finally get the bike hotwired, and we speed off, Shannon almost falling of the bike but balancing herself again, that is until she got what was literally the best idea ever and jumped off, turning into her wolf form midair and running beside the bike. You've got to admit that's pretty rad, right? Right? Or yeah, you can't reply. Never mind.

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