Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

“So, your idea is to keep track of Alf's health, and plan accordingly to his estimated time of dimise, having a guy at the ready, and continue that until the end of time?” I ask, checking one more time to be sure.

“Yes, but I still think you should just live in a stag house forever, it would be safer.”

“We don't even know if whatever David's planning is gonna work, and I don't wanna have to live in a house filled with men for all of eternity. That, that there is your dream, not mine!” Shannon laughs but quickly turns back to serious. Damn it my plan didn't work. I was hoping she would get distracted and we could watch disney movies and eat icecream and forget about this for 50 years.

“Yes, but you told me about that one time in the 1850's where someone was killing the guys you kissed in an attempt to take you out!” Okay, maybe I shouldn't have told her that. I have a feeling she wants to lock me in a tower with a group of young fit lads now because I shared that piece of information.. She asked though, she wanted to know everything, so I told her! I filled her in on the parts of my past she happened to miss when David transported her and put her into an eternal sleep. I also told her about the whole someone killing the guys to kill me, and also how no one realizes that some of my birth certificates say that I am 100 or so years old and look like a teenager, or that my DNA and records match exactly and identically up to about 3 different girls from very different bloodlines and also that I have more degrees and qualifications than Steven Hawking. We'll have a special chapter about that at some point, maybe next chapter, or at the end of the book.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, me arguing with Shannon over not locking me in a frat house.

“But that wasn't David, that was some vampires who found out about me, which turned out they heard David bragging when we was drunk out of his mind at a bar trying to woo a lady, and they wanted me to die so I could be reborn and they could steal me as a baby and raise me in their covent. If David even does try that, and I doubt he has enough brain power to even steal an idea that was already used, I would not just keep on kissing guys and dooming them to death. Last time I gave up, I let myself be reborn, and I'd do it again.”

“I wouldn't let you though.” She argues.

“Yes, and I thank you for that.” I reply, finally giving up, at least for now. I don't want this argument to hurt our friendship, which means I'll let her win if I need to, “Now, can we just watch disney movies and eat ice cream already?”

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