Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

“Charity! Where are you? I know you hate me but-” Alf shouts, running into the house and pulling a red haired girl behind him who looks somewhat confused and very annoyed.

“Yeah, I know. You found your mate. Now do you believe me?” I ask, hoping that I'll be able to leave now.

“No, look. It's possible for someone to have two mates, it hap-”

“I know it happens! I've met someone who does! Lovely triple, but that. Is. Not. What's. Happening. You have your actual mate, like I knew all along that you would find, and there are one in a billion odds of having 2 mates, one who's human AND has a severed mate bond. At this point you are in denial and just trying to make your like harder for the sake of unrelinquished love, I swear.” I argue. At this point the girl finally speaks up.

“What?” She asks confused.

“Well, sometimes, rar-” Alf starts to explain, but she cuts him off.

“No, let her explain,” She says pointing to me, “She seems to actually know what she's doing. You sound kind of cray cray, sorry honey.”

“Thank you,” I blush, “Well, long story short I have a curse on me. Don't ask me to explain now, it will take too long, just trust me on this. And because of this curse, I had to kiss Alf. I had no interest in this at all, trust me. I am aromantic. I am attracted to nothing and no one. Because of this, the kiss, something happened to create a false mate bond. Alf is being a dumbf*ck and won't believe me on this and is coming up with a million bullshit reasons as to why I don't have a mate connection with him. Alf believes that he has two mates, one you of course and the other me. He thinks that he somehow has two mates, one human with a servered mate bond, which would mean, if that's what was actually happening, I wouldn't feel the sudden 'I love you'. Even though that isn't true and he's just crazy and won't face the truth! He also kidnapped me. Twice.” I explain.

“You what?!” The girl shrieks, turning to Alf.

“It's a side effect of the curse, it won't let her find love!” Alf proclaims. Oh hell no.

“Honey, I was like this long before the curse. Hell, I was cursed because I am like this. A side effect of the curse is the fake bond that should fade if you would just stop holding me against my will and let me leave!” I scream.

“You are doing what?!” The girl is fuming now. Hell yeah! Girl power.

Oh great I can't stop saying/thinking 'hell'. It's now my catch phrase.

“Look, you're both my mate. It would kill me if I had to let one of you go! We can make this work, it's happened before!”

“Yeah, but it's not happening now. What's happening is your holding some poor girl against her will because you refuse to be wrong and you are probably making her life even harder than it already was having a freaking curse hanging over her head! If you don't let her go, I'm leaving, and she's coming with me, and you will have lost both of us.”

“You can't leave! You feel the bond, it would kill you too!” Alf argues with the girl. Really need to know her name, but at the moment I'll call her queen of badassery.

“Yes, but werewolves can reject their mates, and having a mate who is insane and a kidnapper seems like a pretty good reason to me!”

“Look, queen of badassery, which is your name now by the way, I don't want you to leave your mate because of me. I was trying to leave before Alf found you so you didn't have to be involved in this. Obviously that didn't work though...”

“One, my name is actually Shannon, but I am now offically changing it to Queen of Badassery. And you are?” She pauses, it takes me a couple seconds to realize she is asking for my name.

“Oh, right. I'm Charity.” I reply. She smiles and continues.

“Two, I wouldn't be rejecting my mate because of you, I would be rejecting him because he is insane, doesn't understand probabillity, doesn't understand that not everything can be solves by answers from the werewolf world and thinks that he has the right to kidnap someone who may be his mate, which is completely and uderly against any pack's code.” Shannon explains.

“No one is leaving anyone! I forbid any of you leaving this property until this is settled!” Jake booms, reminding us of his pressence.

“You can't hold me here, and the only wolf you have command over is Alf, Shannon has not been sworn into this back yet, therefore, both of us can leave!” I state. I may not be a wolf but I lived among them longer than Jake has been alive.

“Screw the rules and laws, neither of you are leaving!”

“Yes, we are, and I can assure you that you won't be able to stop me. You weren't able to before.” I remind him.

“Yeah, but I didn't know you were that strong then, that you weren't normal. Now I've got renforcements.” Suddenly something jabs me in the shoulder. I spin around and flip the person, who it turns out is one of the other wolves, but after that I can barely move a finger. I fall to the ground, the last thing I see is Shannon being injected too.

Crap. This isn't good.


There you go, boom! Another chapter! More coming!

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