Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Shit. I'm dying. I'm dying, my cells are deteriorating, I'll be dead at midnight. And they'll have to bury me, and I won't be able to be reincarnated until everyone I have ever met is dead. Oh no oh no oh no. This isn't good. Why did he have to die?!?! And at 9'oclock as well! Okay, pull it together Charity. You can do this, grab a bloke, kiss him, and live your life until he dies and you have to repeat the process all over again. Simple.

I survey the area, and see that there are many guys, most of them young, well all of them are younger than me at least, but the sound of a gun shot distracts me.

“Great, always someone to save, even when I'm trying to save myself.” I mutter under my breath, and race towards the action.

I follow the sound to a house a few blocks away, surrounded by a large forest, and find myself at the source of the conflict: A group of men, and dressed in normal drab, restraining an almost naked teenage boy and one of them holding a gun to his head. What the hell?

I stay back, as the last time I tried to save someone by running in I got shot and healed in front of a bunch of strangers, and the person I was trying to save was killed.

“Who do you think you are, coming onto our land and bringing the work of the devil with you?!?!” The man holding the gun shouts at the strangly calm looking boy.

“I am not the spawn of the devil, and my pack has owned and lived on this land much longer than you! You are the evil ones, dragging me out here just because I'm different!” He spits at the man. Is he insane?! They're going to kill him!


I race in and knock the man over, grabbing his gun. Disarmed and confused, the man takes a swing at me that I easily block. I hit him in the jaw and then hit him over the head with the gun, knocking him out. I turn to the over men, pointing the gun at them.

“Is there a problem here, sir's?” I ask sarcasticaly. They look at me, look at their uncouncus friend, and look at each other, then bolt. I fire a few warning shots, so they know that I mean buisness and that they shouldn't come back, but I know they are going to. They always do, and normally they get lots of nice police men.

I turn my attention to the boy and realize that they didn't even tie him up.

“What the hell did you do and why are you still on the ground, they didn't even tie you up! Now get up, they're gonna come back and they are gonna bring numbers!” I boy suddenly realizes the stituation he is currently in and bolts up from the ground.

“Good, now do you know if this house is empty?” I ask him, pointing to the house behind us.

“What?” He looks at me like I have sixth heads. Or like I'm a sort of immortal girl who is not immortal at the moment and is currently dying and happens to know a lot about hiding and running from the police. Yeah, like that.

“The house. Is it empty? We need supplies, and clothes,” I gesture to him standing in just his tighty whiteys, “You need to get out of this town right now, and get somewhere safe, somewhere you have protection. Does this place exist, or does everyone in this town hate you?”

“Ugh, yeah, I think it is. His wife should be at work and his daugh-” He explains, pointing to the knocked out man, but I cut him off.

“Okay, you don't need to give me a full life story of this guy. Yes or no, is his house empty.”

“Ugh, yes?”

“Okay good. Now, I call not it on reaching into his,” I gesture towards the uncouncious man on the ground, “pants to get h- wait-a-minute. Nevermind, this idiot left his patio door wide open.”

“How do you know how do all this? Are you a runaway or something? No offensive, if you are I mean. Just wondering...” The still un-named boy asks me, as he walks into the kitchen, pulling on a shirt he found upstairs.

“I was, a few times actually,” I answer, as I fill my bag with granola bars and some fruit. Cans would just slow us down. I don't plan and taking longer than nightfall to get this kid out of here anyway, I can't take longer than that, “but not at the moment though, at the moment I'm an adventurer, going to climb a mountain tomorrow.” That is if I don't die tonight and have to wait a hundred years. But I've still got time to kiss someone, right?

“Okay, so do you need me to do anything? Like secure the house maybe?” He asks me.

“No, this isn't a zombie movie, we aren't staying here, we can't. But you can check that gun cabinet in the living room for any hunting knives or extra amo, we can't afford to carry any extra guns since it would only weigh us down and attract attention, but some less noticable weapons and spare bullets could save our asses.”

“Okay, right. That makes sense, I think...” He mumbles, heading to the living room.

“Yes, it does, now move it! We have to get out of here, we'll be hearing sirens any second!” I shout. I don't mean to be rude, but I don't have time to be friendly, I need to get him somewhere safe, wherever that may be, and hopefully still have time to save myself.

“So, that safe place I was talking about, do you have one?” I call out into the living room.

“Uh, yeah, it's just on the edge of town, about thirty-five miles from here. Normally we don't have too many guests without warning though...” He answers, walking into the room with a few rounds and a couple sturdy looking hunting knives.

“Well, you'll need to make an exception just this once, but don't worry, I'm not gonna be there long! I'm saving you, then going on my merry way, 3 towns over. I'm just here for coffee!”

“Can't I just call them, there's a phone here...”

“No, you idiot! The police can check that to see if we are still here or how long ago we were here, and it'll only make it easier for them to find us! We don't have time! Now come on, we need to go! Now.” I command, shouldering my bag and running out the door.

“How do you even know that they are going to get the police, or if they are even coming back, you could have just scared them off for all we know! Taught them a good lesson, and now they'll just leave me alone!” He replies, running after me.

“Whatever you did, it almost got you killed, and I knocked their friend out and fired warning shots that the whole neighbor hood probably heard. Trust me, the police are coming.” I explain, heading towards the entrance of the forest, and follows behind me. Within a few minutes we have a steady routine. Walk, carefully but quickly, speeding up just a bit when we hear the sirens, after I whisper a quick 'I told you so'. This pace continues for a few hours, and I almost forget the tiny, teensy weensy, little, insignificant  fact that I am dying.


This is my NanoWrimo story for 2014, and I've decieded to post chapters as I write them. They are NOT EDITED and the story doesn't have a title at the moment, but you will get updates often, as I will probably always be writing, and if as the story goes on and you have any ideas for a title feel free to shoot them at me (not literally, please don't write on bullets).

This chapter is dedicated to my friend, @-Shadows- , for being amazing. 

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