Rescue Part 1

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Yo guys :3 it's only been like 13 days since my last update. I feel so proud.
I got my license 14 days ago when I turned 17 :D so happeh
Anywho, enough about me, let's talk about the Avengers in High School!
Update! I choose you!

Jarvis started the limo and sighed. "Are you sure you want to do this, sir?" He asked over his shoulder to Tony in the back.

Tony nodded. "Yes! Just drive! But remember, don't pull up in front of the building!"

Jarvis nodded and pressed on the gas.

"Ok guys, let's go over the plan one more time," Bruce said. "Me, and Tony are going to go in and create a distraction. Clint, Steve, and Nat, you will go in behind us and sneak around all the agents, who should now be focused on us. Nat will use her dad's card key to get into the back and you three will find the cells where Tom and Chris are being kept. Once you have them out, try and find an emergency exit to get out. Otherwise, you are just going to have to sneak out the front door again. Tony and I will distract as long as possible."

Nat nodded nervously and looked down at her lap. She didn't actually have a card key. She just planned on swiping one from one of the agents there. She didn't tell them that though because her friends weren't aware of her advanced skill set.

"Yo, Nat, you got the key?" Tony asked, nudging her arm.

Nat nodded and smiled at him. She patted her pocket. "Right here, Stark."

"I want to s-," Tony started saying before he was cut off by Jarvis.

"We have arrived."

Steve opened the door and let everyone pile out before him. He grabbed the suitcases full of whatever Tony and Bruce were planning to use as a distraction and handed them to Bruce.

"Are you all ready?" Clint asked, cracking his knuckles. He was actually pretty dam afraid of doing this. It probably wasn't a smart idea at all.

Tony nodded and smirked. "Hell yeah! Let's do this shit!"

Bruce smiled. "That's the spirit," he said a bit nervously. He really hoped their distraction worked. He pushed his glasses up and handed Tony one of the suitcases. "Let's go, science bro."

Tony took the suitcase and fist-bumped Bruce. "Let's do this." When he got to the doors, he pushed his sunglasses down off his head and over his eyes. He pushed the doors open with both hands and smiled. "It's time to science shit up!"

Bruce immediately got to work opening the suit cases and taking out the beakers and tubes filled with various chemicals.

Every single shield agent in the room was staring at the two 14 year old boys with their jaws dropped. They were so utterly confused, they didn't know how to react.

Tony helped Bruce set up, then picked up a beaker with purple liquid in it and a test tube with blue liquid in it. "Alright, ladies. Let's see what science can do. If I combine these two chemicals, what do you think will happen?" Tony walked around the room in a circle, making sure to make eye contact with every agent. When no one answered, he slammed one foot to the ground and shouted, "Wrong! There will be a minor explosion, just watch."

Bruce laid out a small piece of cardboard for Tony to put the beaker on and he took the test tube from him. He waited until Tony had put on gloves then stepped back. Covering his ears, he turned away and waited for the high pitched sound of the chemical explosion. Once he heard it, he sighed with relief and turned back around.

"Tadaa!!" Tony said happily. Surprisingly, he got a couple claps from a few shield agents. "Alright for our next trick, I'm going to mix the yellow one with the red one and see how many bubbles I can make!"

Nat led the group to the doors. She was in a dress suit, like a shield agent working at the desk would be wearing. Might as well blend in a bit. She opened the doors a bit and walked inside casually, as if it was her every day job. Avoiding looking at Tony, she walked right around the circle of agents and swiped the card key from one of their back pockets. "So oblivious," she mumbled quietly under her breath.

Clint and Steve followed behind her, both of them wearing suits as well. They did look at Tony and Bruce, unlike Natalie and were actually a bit distracted. Natalie had to come back and tap them on the shoulder to get them to follow her.

Nat swiped the card and held the door for Clint and Steve to get in. Once the door was closed behind them, they could no longer hear the shouted of Tony and the explosions of various chemicals.

"This is creepy," Steve whispered as he took a step forehead in the dark room. The place was completely pitch black. It seemed to be abandoned and empty.

Clint smirked and pulled out his phone. He turned on the flashlight and held it up. "Problem solved."

Nat shook her head and pointed to what the flashlight was shining on. Two large shield agents, with guns were standing directly in front of them. "Problem so not solved."

For a moment, Steve stood in fear, but then he realized he had nothing to fear. He went right at one of the agents, punching him directly in the nose and knocking him out. He was astonished at his own strength. "Wow," he said quietly.

"Way to go Steve!" Clint said happily, giving his friend a high five.

Natalie rolled her eyes. "This isn't over yet, idiot!"

The agent advanced and headed right for Steve, but Natalie stopped him before he could get within a foot of him. She kicked him right in his precious area then kneed his forehead when he doubled over in pain. That agent joined his buddy on the floor, passed out.

"Wow, Natalie. I've never seen you get so violent. I like it," Clint said with a smirk.

Nat rolled her eyes and turned to the wall to find a light switch. "Shut up, Clint. You have never seen me do a lot of things."

Clint frowned and turned to Steve. "Man, I feel so wimpy compared to you! Where do you work out, man? I want in!"

Steve smiled, proudly. "At home, we have a home gym," he half lied. They had an elliptical at home, that was it.

Before Clint could say another word, Nat hit the light switch and the rest of the room was revealed. About 30 feet in front of them were two windows. Slowly, the three walked over to one of the windows and saw Chris strapped to a chair, passed out.

Nat walked over to the other window and saw Tom in a similar situation. Blood could be seen on some of the sharp tools on the table next to him. His clothes were also stained with blood in various places.

This made things a whole lot more complicated.

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