Kid with the Bow

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Author's Note: Wow! This story has gotten a lot more reads than I expected xD I'm so happy! I hope you are enjoying this lovely little story :P

Tony pushed opened the wooden doors leading into the large gym. The brown bleachers were pushed back so the students could run freely on the tan wooden floor which had a huge, very ugly tree painted in the center. It looked like a four year old drew a picture of a tree, and then the principal blew it up and stuck it right in the center of the basketball court. Aside from that horror, the rest of the gymnasium was actually pretty nice. There was a few targets at one end for archery, a wrestling mat, several basketball hoops, and even a net for volleyball. It made sense that the gym would be so big considering there was about 2000 kids who attended the school. And in this one class alone there was about 75 students. Of course because of that number, Tony was worried it might be harder to find the two boys he followed here in the first place. His eyes darted around the room, trying to locate the tall muscular one and the skinny emo looking one. 

Luckily, it didn't take him more than five minutes to find the two of them sitting together on the one bleacher that was pushed out. Chris seemed to be happily watching the teens in the class participate in gym class, while Tom on the other hand looked like he was about to fall asleep. Tony started to walk over to them, hoping Tom wouldn't notice him and make Chris move away from him. All  he wanted to do was talk, this way he might be able to get some information regarding why their knowledge of him didn't exist. Before he reached them his eyes drifted to the far left side of the gym where he saw a group of people was beginning to gather around the archery station. His curiosity got the best of him and he decided to go check out what the ruckus was. 

As approached the circle he heard someone speaking. "Welcome to archery 101 boys." The kid paused and looked at a girl standing a few feet away from him. "And ladies." He winked at her, causing her to started to smile and blush. Tony rolled his eyes. He believed that he was the only one who could make a lady have such a reaction when winking. Who was this kid who had the audacity to steal his thunder? Tony pushed his way to the front of the circle so he could get a closer look at his possible competition. The kid wasn't too tall or too muscular, he seemed to be the perfect combination of both. And not to mention he was actually decent looking in terms of facial features. Oh well, it looks like Tony did have some sort of competition.

After observing the kid's looks, he decided to notice the other things about him. The most important one being that he was holding an old wooden bow and aiming at a target mounted on the gym wall.  There was several targets, but only this one was being used. Why did they all find it necessary to stand and watch this one kid shoot a bow? Tony crossed his arms as he watched, wondering what all of this was really about.

"Watch and learn," the archer boy said with a smirk, focusing his attention completely on the target in front of him. He released his arrow and everyone watched as it flew towards the target and hit dead center. This caused the crowd around him to clap, some of them even cheered. 

"Another?" He asked them after the clapping had died down. He was given a positive reaction by his fans, so he decided to reload and shoot again. Another kid standing near the target walked over and removed the arrow that was already stuck in it, then and gave the archery kid a thumbs up. The boy turned his head away from the target and closed his eyes, then without hesitation, shot the arrow. He heard it hit, and then opened his eyes once again to see that it was right in the center.

The cheers from the crowd were even louder this time, prompting him to shoot another arrow. Which he happily did, after waiting for the current arrow to be removed and reloading another into his bow. He shot arrow after arrow, doing weird tricks before firing, and every time he would hit the center of the target. Every once in a while the kid would look over at the strawberry blond girl standing closest to him and blow her a kiss or smile.

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