Last Chance

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Yooo! I'm finally gonna update this story guys! Whoopie!

So, just to recap for anyone who forgets what happened in the last few chapters-

The team got Chris and Tom back from SHIELD and then the team decided to split up. Weeks go by and everyone is just living their own separate lives. But suddenly, Tony remembers why the seven of them had initially become friends, because of his mission to find out whether or not Tom and Chris were aliens. He pulls Bruce aside after school one day and asks him if he wants to resurrect the mission they had started all those weeks ago. Bruce's response is a big yes and the two of them reunite as Science Bros. 

Now only a week away from Christmas vacation, Bruce and Tony felt like they were running out of time to find real solid proof that Tom and Chris were infact from a different planet. They were about to get a two week vacation from school and they had been hearing rumors about the two weird boys transfering out of Oak Hill. If the rumors were true, they would never be able to find anything that said they were right or wrong all along. It was now or never, they needed help, and they needed it badly, and who else would be better to ask for help than the girl who was closest to Tom, Natalie Rushman.

"Are you ready Bruce?" Tony whispered as he peaked around the corner to see Tom and Nat standing by a locker. The hallway was almost empty because school had ended almost 15 minutes ago. But, Tom and Nat always stayed after and whispered to each other in the barren halls that had been bustling with students not long before. 

Bruce nodded. "Ready as I'll ever be," he whispered back to his friend. He had come up with a plan earlier that day to interrogate Nat and see what she knew. But, she was always around Tom, so that was never going to work. So, he came up with a new plan. They were going to trick Tom into leaving so one of them could talk to Nat one on one and convince her to help them. She wasn't someone that could be pursuaded with brute force, she was tough, someone needed to coerce her into it, and who better to do that than the great Tony Stark.

Tony gave a quick nod to Bruce and took a deep breath. He rehearsed his lines in his head as he gave Bruce the thumbs up signal.

Bruce nodded back and walked around the corner. His walk quickly transformed into a run and he pretended to be out of breath, as if he had been running for a while. He stopped a few feet in front of Nat and Tom, faking the best 'I just ran up 3 flights of stairs' as he could. 

"Bruce?" Nat said, turning away from Tom towards her out of breath old friend. "What's wrong?" 

"Oh, it's not good!" He said breathlessly. "It's Chris! He got tripped while running down the stairs with some friends and has broken his leg! He is being taken to the hospital right now! Tom you must come!'

Tom ran a hand through his sleak black hair and grumbled under his breath. "I can't imagine how the oaf managed to do that. Fine, I'll come." 

"I'll come too!" Nat said. She grabbed Tom's hand and squeezed it tight, wanting to be as supportive as possible. She realized after a moment that she has totally gone soft for this guy. If Ivan ever found out... she was dead. She released her tight grip on his hand a bit and took a quiet breath.

"No!' Bruce said quickly. "No, no. You can't. The Paramedic said family only. You are allowed to go visit later."

Tom turned towards Nat and kissed her forehead. "I'll see you tonight, ok? My place at 8." He wriggled his hand out of her's and followed Bruce down the hall. He walked as if he was in no rush at all, because he really wasn't. He could only imagine the excuse his oaf of a brother would try and make up for his 'accident.' It must've been some really dumb thing though if it managed to break an Asgardian's leg. This was going to be fun.

As soon as Tony could no longer hear the descending footsteps of Tom and Bruce, he walked around the corner and speed walked towards Nat. "Hey! Natalie!"

Nat's head shot around when she heard Tony's voice. "Hey Stark, what's up?"

"I need to talk to you, and I need to do it fast." He looked at her sternly, this was no time for games or sarcasm. He needed to focus and be serious, for once in his life.

"Woah," she said, taking a small, discrete, step back. "What's going on?"

"Remember when Tom and Chris got kidnapped by SHIELD?" Tony quickly responded. He didn't wait for her to nod or say anything, he knew she remembered. "Look, Bruce and I believe that they were kidnapped because Tom and Chris are really aliens from another planet!"

Nat looked at him, a bit baffled. "You seriously believe that?"

Tony nodded. "Yes, we are sure of it! Ok, in the beginning of the year, I found two SHIELD agents snooping on them while they were in class! At the time I thought they were FBI agents, but when we all got caught by SHIELD after our distraction failed, I realized the truth! We have been ignoring the fact that that a top secret government agency took our friends into custody and did experiments or interrogations on them! Aren't you even the slightest bit curious as to why that happened?" He stopped and paused for a moment so he could catch his breath, letting her take all that in.

"Well," she said hesitantly, "I suppose I am a bit... But Tom would never hide such a thing from me! How could he? He loves me..." She stopped herself after she said those three words. What was she thinking? Could she really be so foolish as to fall for a guy? This was her mission, her job. She couldn't screw this up by thinking that some teenage boy has fallen in love with her. No man could ever fall in love with her... especially if they learn of what she has done. 

"Don't be dumb, Nat!" Tony almost shouted. "I know you aren't," he said a bit more calmly. "Please, help Bruce and I figure this out. Don't ignore the obvious signs. The two of them aren't from Earth. Something fishy is up, and you know it just as well as I do." He began to turn away when he remembered he wanted to say something else. "Oh, and Nat, everyone knows about your Wednesday night chats with bow boy. It's only a matter of time before your boyfriend finds out and suspects something more than just talking is going on between you two." 

Nat watched him turn and leave, her lips slightly parted in disbelief. Everything just hit her like a ton of bricks, right then and there. Could that be true? Could any of it be true? Maybe she saw it but she just didn't want to believe it. This was her boyfriend, her first love, the first guy to treat her like she mattered and not just her body. She leaned back against the lockers behind her and stared blankly ahead of her. After a couple long minutes of internally arguing with herself, she came to a decision. She now knew what she had to do. 

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