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From the living room, Steve and Clint heard Chris' voice and quickly looked at each other. All Steve could think about now was the possibility of going to jail. What if Chris had already called the cops on them? They were done for! The already fast paced pounding of his heart got faster and he began to panic.

Clint walked over to Steve, seeing he was on the verge of hyperventilating, and put a finger to his lips. He made a quiet shushing sound and gave his best reassuring smile. He knew they were probably screwed, but he didn't want to make Steve freak out any more than he already was.

He walked over to the doorway and pressed his back up against the wall next to it. It was probably best they didn't reveal themselves yet. Clint thought the smarter idea would be to listen to make sure Tony didn't screw things up, then reveal themselves.

For the first time ever, Tony Stark was speechless. What was he going to say? What kind of excuse did he have? Oh don't worry Chris, we weren't stealing anything. We were just searching for peculiar things in your house to prove you and your brother are aliens. Yeah, that would just make him sound insane.

"So, does anyone care to explain what you are doing here?" Chris crossed his arms and tapped his toe impatiently. "I believe this is illegal."

Bruce just wanted to tell the truth. How could he lie to Chris? He couldn't. He wasn't a great lier as it was. But lying about something like breaking into someone's house was going to be hard.

"We were-" Nat began to say before Tony interrupted. She certainly wasn't going to tell the truth. It had been part of her training to make up believable lies on a dime. She was going to tell him that she left something here and couldn't find it. No, it wasn't the most brilliant lie she had ever come up with. But it wasn't like this situation allowed her for many solid lies.

"We were looking around!" Tony said, interrupting Nat. He had no idea what he was doing. But, he did get his friends into this mess, so he had to get them out. He felt responsible for this royal screw up.

"What could you have possibly been looking around for in my house after dark with a search party?" He gestured towards Bruce and Nat, then turned his back to them so he could see the living room door. "Steve, Clint, I know you're in there too. No point in hiding."

Clint sighed and stepped out first. "Hey Chris. What's up? Long time, no see."

"I saw you earlier today," Chris said with a very uninterested look on his face.

"Chris I am so, so sorry! Please just give us time to explain!" Steve had barely even been out of hiding for a moment before he said that. He wasn't going to get arrested. No way. That one night in shield with these guys was enough.

"That is what Stark is attempting to do right now." Chris turned back around towards Tony and crossed his arms. "Well?"

"Money!" Nat shouted before Tony could say another word. "I left money here last week and I really needed it."

"Now I'm no expert," Chris shook his head a bit, "But I don't believe the kitchen cabinets are a very popular choice for where people hide their money. Oh! Especially because it's in someone else's house!"

Nat sighed. "Well I-"

"Well you nothing!" Chris shouted, his already loud voice becoming four times louder. "Now you will tell me what you're actually doing here or I will make you!" He clenched his hands into fists and looked every one of them dead in the eye. He wasn't about to let any of them get away with what they have done.

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