Science Bros Reunite

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So I've been getting comments and people asking me to update and let me say, I love u all for doing so <3
I love this story but lots of times I'm just too lazy to update and do other things instead. So I'm gonna update now Cuz of u awesome commenters :)

It was a Friday at the end of the day. Bruce had planned to enact his plan of getting the group back together that day, but ended up having to put it off when Tom and his gang 'accidentally' spilled hot coffee on him in the morning. No one would ever take him seriously when they saw the huge brown stain on his white shirt. Not only that, but he smelled like coffee, and he hated the smell of coffee. It made him sick so he couldn't focus on anything. Now he would just have to endure another weekend of being alone with his insane parents.

Tony dashed down the halls, running as fast as he could. His teacher let him out of class late because he wouldn't apologize for calling one of the kids in the back of the class 'a tubby child.' By the time he reached where he wanted to go, he thought it was too late. But after stopping, catching his breath, and looking around, he finally spotted the coffee stained shirt he was looking for. He didn't call for Bruce, he didn't even walk over to him and say hi. He simply walked over, grabbed his backpack and began to drag him into the stairwell.

"What the hell?" Bruce said, completely taken by surprise when Tony grabbed his bag.

"Shut up," Tony said harshly in a quiet voice. "Just walk with me and say nothing," he commanded.

Bruce nodded once quickly and did so. Tony lead him down the stairwell, through a hall, and into the courtyard. It was right outside the classroom Tony had first encountered the two shield agents, who he thought were FBI at the time.

"Alright. Now you can talk," Tony said after looking around cautiously to make sure no one was there.

Bruce had so much to say. He had so many questions. Why did Tony drag him out here? Why had he been so mean to him? What could he possibly have to say? Was he going to apologize? Was this just going to be a cruel prank? He didn't know what to ask first. In fact, he couldn't even speak. All he could get out was the word, "Hi."

Tony rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, hey. Let's skip past the casual banter. I'm sorry, ok? I was a huge dickwad to you and it hurt me every time I did something mean to you. You're my science bro man, you know I could never hate you."

Those words put a huge smile on Bruce's face. It warmed his heart that one person in this world didn't hate him.

"But let's get down to business," Tony said, lowering his voice. "I can't take the waiting anymore. I can't. In the beginning of the year we had a goal. What was that goal?" He paused for a effect. "To discover whether or not Tom and Chris were aliens, correct?"

Bruce nodded quickly in agreement.

"And for a whole month we have been ignoring that a highly secretive government organization wanted to know the same thing! They kidnapped Chris and Tom right from my house! For a whole week we didn't see them! How could we ignore that? Hmm Bruce? How?"

Bruce shrugged and rubbed his arm nervously. "I guess because we were all just so focused on being heroes and rescuing them that we forgot why they were there in the first place. Then when we got caught, we were all so worried about our own futures we forgot again why we were there in the first place."

Tony nodded. "Yes, yes, exactly. But now I think we have something to hold against these guys."

Bruce was a bit surprised. "And what is that?"

"So, I hired some guys to watch Chris and Tom closely. One big thing they noticed is that the only people that ever enter and leave their apartment are the two of them and Nat. Do they not have parents or a guardian?"

"Maybe their alien parents are up in space on their home planet and they sent Chris and Tom down to observe our culture," Bruce suggested.

"Yes!" He shouted, then stopped to think about it for a moment. "Yes! That's definitely it! Now we just need proof that these dudes are real life aliens! Then we can turn them back into shield and get a load of cash! And we can be in the newspapers for discovering aliens!"

Bruce shrugged. "I don't know Tony. I mean, first of all, you already have so much cash, how much more could you possibly need? And second, don't you remember, shield let us go! If Chris and Tom have no parents here, then they wouldn't have anyone looking for them and shield wouldn't have let them go."

"Unless they let them go so they could observe them closely again," Tony countered. "They want real proof."

Bruce shuffled his feet and nodded. "Yeah, yeah, I think they do. I think we're onto something."

Tony smiled widely and victory fist bumped the air. "Yes!" He took a breath, then looked back at Bruce. He placed his hands on Bruce's shoulders and gave him a serious glare. "Ok. You and me. We are science bros. And we are going to find real proof that Chris and Tom Odinson are aliens!"

Bruce nodded. "Yeah, sounds good."

Tony shook his head. "I'm sorry, what? I didn't hear you?"

Bruce laughed. "I'm sorry, I meant, hell yeah!" He shouted loudly to satisfy Tony.

"Yeah!" Tony shouted back. "Science bros for life!" This was going to be the beginning of a new, and definitely lifelong friendship.

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