Science Bros Begin

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Author's Note: Lol I'm just writing this for fun :3 Idk how it's gonna be, I'm just testing it :P enjoy!

"Good morning students! For our returning Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, welcome back! And for our Freshman class, welcome to Oak Hill High! I am Principal Smith." Shouted the tall, balding man with a hideous mustache from his place at the podium on the stage. "I can tell this year is going to be a fantastic year!" Smith had a fake smile on his face and was using an extremely loud and annoying voice, in an attempt to convince the students school was actually going to be fun. "You all have a lot of exciting events to look forward to, and I know that you will all have a great time getting to know each other. Upperclassmen, I of course expect you to set a good example for your newest classmates, because remember, you were once in their shoes. Before I hand over the mic to our safety director, I want you to you all know  that I am very much looking forward to getting to know you all and I am happy to chat with you whenever I can find the time. But I do hope that the reason we are chatting isn't because you are in trouble! In that case, I hope I never see you!" He chuckled and waited for the faint laughter coming mostly from the faculty died down. "One last quick announcement. You all know who Howard Stark is, I assume? Well if you don't he is a very well-known engineer who develops all sorts of new technology. He is also a great benefactor to our school. In fact, he donated quite the sum of money to us this year which we are using to install a swimming pool! Anyways, his son, Tony Stark has just joined our freshman class. Tony, if you wouldn't mind standing up for everyone to see who you are?" He smiled and looked around the crowded auditorium, waiting until someone stood in the crowd.

Tony was sitting in the middle of a group of girls on the ugly brown bleachers. When he name was called, he happily stood up and threw his arms in the air while smiling. Obviously, everyone should already know who he is, but he might as well let everyone know just how important his presence was to this school. He took two, very slow obnoxious bows and then sat back down, still smiling. He put his arms around the two blond girls sitting next to him, and leaned back a bit, smiling turning into a smirk. He had a good feeling about this school year.

"Thank you Tony." The principal said, only after all the clapping from the other students died down. "Well, I hope you all have a wonderful 1st day and rest of the year! Now, our safety and discipline director, Miss. Hill." Smith waited at the podium for a skinny tall woman with dark brown hair pinned up in a bun to walk up the stairs and make it over to the podium before departing.

"Hello everyone. My name is Maria Hill, but I do expect you to call me Miss. Hill. I am your safety and discipline director this year at Oak Hill. I don't have a whole lot to say this morning because I don't want to cut into your first period class time anymore than we already have. But there is some things that are necessary for me to announce before I can let you go. Oak Hill has a no tolerance policy. That means that you positively cannot carry any type of weapon, which includes anything from mace to a firearm, on the school grounds. It also means that you cannot have carry or use any type of drugs unless cleared by the school nurse, Nurse Temple. If you are found with drugs or weapons, you will be called to a meeting with myself, Principal Smith, and a nice policeman from our local police department. What usually happens next is that you will be escorted out of the school, down to the police department, where your parents will pick you up and an investigation will ensue. After that, you will likely not be welcome back into Oak Hill for the safety and well being of the other students. I cannot make this any clearer than I am now, you absolutely cannot bring drugs or weapons onto these school grounds. Other than that, the emergency fire exits are posted in each classroom, and we will have a fire drill at some point this week. I wish you all the best of luck at your first day of this year, I hope it's going to be a great one! Remember to be safe! You are now all dismissed to your first period class." She flashed a quick smile before turning and heading towards the back of the stage.

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