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(That means Hail in Elvish!)

Yes I'm attempting to learn Elvish cuz I'm so freakin cool.

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I have 3 jobs and 4 books to read for summer reading

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Namaarie! (Farewell)

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The street corner by Tom and Chris' house was dark. The only light was nearly a block away, and the incessant blinking it did just made its ability to light up the street even worse. Fortunately for Tony Stark, he was smart enough to bring a flashlight.

But, he wasn't smart enough to bring a coat. It was now Christmas break, which meant winter was pretty much in full swing. The temperature at that moment couldn't have been higher than 30 degrees! So, he put the flashlight at his feet and hugged himself tightly, trying to find even the slightest bit of warmth while waiting for his friends.

The second Avenger to show up was Steve. He came wrapped tightly in many layers to keep him warm. One thermal shirt, one long sleeve shirt, one sweatshirt, and one winter jacket. He was already a pretty big guy because of his muscles, but all the layers made him look like he might explode.

"Rogers!" Tony said to him when he spotted his muscular friend. "It's 7:04! Why are you late?" He could see his breath when he spoke to Steve. If he didn't get inside soon, he was destine to get sick.

"Sorry," Steve said quietly, even though there was no one else around. "I had to sneak out." His parents had gone out to dinner, but one doctor still remained at his home. Luckily, it was the old guy who usually just nodded off whenever he sat down.

"Well I do not like people who are tardy!" Tony began to say. He had much more planned, but he could see two people coming from down the block. Even though it was dark, he could see a bit of Natalie's red curls bouncing up and down as she walked closer to the street light.

Clint walked right next to Nat, staring down at the sidewalk, trying to think warm thoughts. He had given Nat his extra coat because she was cold and he was trying to be a gentleman.

"Hey Bow boy and little miss red head!" Tony called out to them. "Pick up the pace! I'm not waiting here all night!"

Clint rolled his eyes and purposely slowed down. He couldn't keep the act up for long though because it was freezing and he needed to get inside. Soon, he joined Tony's and Steve's side with Nat and smiled at them all. "Ready to do some illegal stuff guys?"

Steve frowned and shook his head. "I don't believe breaking the law is a good thing." He didn't actually know why he was doing this... Maybe it was because he was curious himself to find out if Chris and Tom were really who they claimed to be.

"We aren't breaking the law! We are just bending it a little!" Tony said, even though he obviously knew they were breaking the law. Before anyone could say anything else, he decided to change the subject. "Now where is my science bro? He should be here by now." He looked down at his watch and saw it was already 7:15. Bruce, fifteen minutes late? That was peculiar. He was always right on time to everything.

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