Stark Party Flop

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Yello mai fellow wattpaders! How is ya'll? Im in school now :( Almost completed one whole week of Junior year. Whoohoo. But anywho, I finished my homework tonight and I have a bit before I have to go on the school website and do club sign ups so I figured, why the hell not update? Well, here it is... Avengers In High School: Stark Party Flop

Bruce, Steve, Tom, Chris, Natalie, and Clint all met in front of Tony's house. They could hear the music blasting and could see different color lights flashing from inside. They all looked at each other nervously before walking up to the door. Bruce knocked and took a step back, with that loud music, he doubted anyone would hear his soft knocking, though. But, to his surprise, the door opened. 

"Hello, Bruce and Steve. How are you?" Jarvis asked while holding the door open for them.

"I'm fine, and you?" Steve replied, immediately.

"Alright," Bruce said shyly. 

"I'm doing well, thank you very much." He looked at the other four teens standing behind Bruce and Steve and smiled. "Welcome to Stark Mansion. I'm Frank, the butler. But you can call me Jarvis."

Clint reached out his hand and stepped up. "I'm Clint Barton." Jarvis shook his hand and gestured for him to go inside. Steve and Bruce followed Clint in. 

"I'm Tom Odinson, and this is my brother Chris." Tom spoke quickly and dragged Chris inside by the arm. He just wanted to get this party over with and go home.

Natalie held herself with confidence and held out her hand. "I'm Natalie Rushman," she lied. 

Jarvis smiled and shook Natalie's hand. "Where are you from, Natalie?" He had noticed a bit of an accent in her voice.

"I'm a transfer student from Russia." She smiled up at him and walked in. She would've stayed to chat with him more, but she didn't enjoy being asked about her life. She could only make up so much before breaking. 

Natalie joined the others in the living room and sat on one of the couches. She didn't really find Tony's house magnificent or anything close to it. In fact, she didn't really care for it. The decorations Tony's parents had chosen didn't really appeal to her. She would've preferred to see more things with black and a more modern look. 

Tony walked into the living room holding a beer bottle in his hand. "The party don't start till I walk in," he said in a loud sing-songy voice. Everyone turned their heads and looked at him. "Come on guys! Lets party!!" It was more than obvious that Tony had already had a couple drinks and he wasn't thinking straight. He began to jump up and down to the beat of the music and wave his bottle around in the air.

Bruce got up and placed a hand on Tony's shoulder. "Sit down, Tony, you're drunk." 

Tony shoved Bruce's hand off and jumped onto a near-by chair. He began to jump up and down on it and screamed the words to the song playing. "I'M ON A HIGHWAY TO HELL! I'M ON A HIGHWAY TO HELL!" 

Clint rolled his eyes and ran his hand down his face. "Where's the fridge, Tony? I need a beer." Tony, of course, either ignored him, didn't hear him, or was too drunk to respond. So, Clint got up on his own and began to wonder through the house to find the kitchen. As he walked from room to room, he noticed there was something missing at this party. Other people.

After finding the kitchen and grabbing a beer, he headed back into the living room and turned off the music blasting from the stereo. He turned to Tony and crossed his arms. "Hey, Stark! What kind of party is this?"

Tony, who was still bouncing like a two year old on the chair, smiled like an idiot and looked down at him. "An awesome one!" 

"No, Tony. Its not. There isn't anyone else here but us!" Clint shouted at him, trying to attract Tony's full attention.

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