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Kentrell was in the room while everyone else waited in the waiting room, Kaia and him had already left from the first time she came with Noah since they gave her medicine in order to stop her contractions, but of course just ended back hours later.

Kentrell grabbed her hand pulling it up to his face just to kiss the back of it, "No bitch can take this from you Kaia. You always going to be the one to give me my first baby." He knew he fucked up a lot. He just also knew she meant the most to him

She didn't even know what to say to that because no matter how much she saw that he meant it, she just couldn't feel that comfort. Their relationship was all fucked up, and she didn't know how to fix it.

She just appreciated him being by her side letting her squeeze the fuck out of his hands. No matter what he did to her she knew he was going to be a great father to all of his kids.

The doctors asked her if she wanted the epidural, and in all honesty she never said yes to anything faster in her whole life. She most definitely did not want to feel this one. Birth always scared her.

Being a single mother always scared her, but she knew it wasn't going to be the worse thing in the world. Her worries went away as soon as her baby was in her arms.

Kentrell stood there staring down at her and his daughter, he knew right then and there he'd murder anyone who ever hurt either of them.

Kaia looked up to him smiling a tear falling from her cheek, "She looks like your ugly ass."

"Stupid." He shook his head smiling too, "Let me see my daughter." He held his hands out to get her.

"Grab her nigga."

honestly was planning on giving up on this story because love was never being shown but once i hopped back on this account i see that it is loved. so updates to come.

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