All Of My Love || Led Zeppelin FanFic by Galaxy101
All Of My Love || Led Zeppelin Galaxy101
She's best friends with one and lovers with another, they've both given her their hearts, but which one does she choose? Achievements: #1 in JIMMYPAGE #1 in LED #1 in JO...
  • ledzeppelin
  • jimmypage
  • jimmy
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Bestfriends//NBA Youngboy FanFic// by ExoticaBrat
Bestfriends//NBA Youngboy FanFic//by Explicit
"He want a down ass female but he fuck with these groupies and don't realize he had one for a long time" ~ Carmen "She fuck with these fuck niggas and don...
  • emotions
  • mature
  • loyalty
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Reverse Groupies // m.c (SLOW UPDATES) by existentivl
Reverse Groupies // m.c (SLOW momfriend
"Well, we go to concerts. Then we get kicked out." © existentivl
  • michael
  • reverse
  • wattys2015
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1969 - The Rolling Stones by 70sfreedomland
1969 - The Rolling Stonesby 70sfreedomland
Miss Olivia was a hopeful 60s groupie, wild eyed and dripping with innocence, she knocked on many backstage doors, hanging out with rock stars and taking on all of the w...
  • groupies
  • pretty
  • watty
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groupies, groupies, groupies by jaggerplease
groupies, groupies, groupiesby gracie
A book to express every feeling you have towards the muses of the best music ever created. cover by @starbeatles
  • 60s
  • music
  • beatles
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exposing 5sos drama by 5secondsofdramas
exposing 5sos dramaby ☕
Desmantelando dramas desde 2016 [Hazme el favor de no entrar sólo para defender, eres molestx]
  • rumores
  • michaelclifford
  • groupies
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1971: Sequel to 1969 -The Rolling Stones by 70sfreedomland
1971: Sequel to 1969 -The 70sfreedomland
"I've got no expectations, to pass through here again." *Sequel to 1969*
  • classicrock
  • keithrichards
  • rocknroll
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The Groupies |✔️ by Mendusbabe
The Groupies |✔️by AJASHLEY
"Take your time and look at the flowers, and see what you see. What do you see?" ______ Julia Red is a high school senior. However she is the quiet one, the on...
  • youngadultreads
  • death
  • friends
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Piggy. by user84295352
Amalie Landvik is a 20 years old succesful model who falls for Trent Reznor - drugged up 29 years old industrial rocker... Suddenly, something bad happens between these...
  • sad
  • alternateuniverse
  • nsfw
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My week with Marilyn (Manson) by StanTheEveryman
My week with Marilyn (Manson)by StanTheEveryman
Cassie and Alice decide to be groupies and follow the secret Nine inch nails and Marilyn Manson tour when they get kidnapped by Manson himself and join the tour anyway.
  • goth
  • nineinchnails
  • kidnap
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groupie's holy grail  by cutesycalum
groupie's holy grail by princess kendra
the infamous groupies guide
  • feminists
  • interracial
  • wattys2017
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The Decadence of The Fallen by purple_infatuation
The Decadence of The Fallenby Mitch Roncesvalles
Marcus Adrian Lee. Adrian. Just saying your name makes my heart race so fast that I could barely breathe. I never wanted to fall for you...but I did. It was a cliché rea...
  • love
  • unrequited
  • music
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