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I was still with Nisha when my phone started ringing with a random number. I usually never answer them, but this time I felt like I had too.

I let her walk ahead of me as I fell back, "Hello?"

"Kaia. I'm sorry." I recognize the voice from anywhere. My heart dropped. I couldn't began to imagine what's next. What more could he be sorry for? "Are you still there?" He questioned.

"What did you do?"

"I'll be out Monday. I promise." I closed my eyes so many emotions coming at me at once. I knew exactly what he meant by that.

"You shouldn't even be in there Kentrell. What the fuck did you do?" I couldn't even yell because I was out. I was angry cause I couldn't even leave this man alone for a second and he's already locked up.

"We'll talk when I'm out."

"Nah nigga this is what I meant about this drama shit. I'll let you know when I'm in labor, let's hope you're not locked up huh?"

"You really playing with my life right now Kaia. I knew Nisha was about to put some shit in your head. I can't even sit here and argue with you. I don't got the time or energy see you Monday bye."

Stubborn ass nigga.

I sighed. I didn't even realize that Nisha finally realized I had stopped. She just offered me a small smile, "You okay?"

"You know just the life of being a fuck niggas baby momma." I shrugged. I only meant it a little, I still loved him.

"Don't I know it." She laughed. I was realized how much it truly hurt me that she agreed because we share the same ass fuck nigga baby daddy.

Would I ever get over that?

deadass when y'all be
commenting on my
post it be hyping me
up hella to post more
i love to see it🤣🤣🤣

and tbh i dont want
trell to cheat on her
again because there
is really so much she
could forgive so i'm
honestly thinking of
giving them a break
and that's why taytay
& k3 pop up🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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