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Since Amoura made her way into the world there was no getting Kentrell to leave her side. Of course Kaia didn't mind it. But she's was starting to realize the order they truly needed when Kentrell sent Noah off when they were supposed to hang out.

"Okay now. I'm letting you see your daughter, but you doing too much nigga." I sat on the opposite couch as him, he wasn't even looking at me but Amoura in her swing his momma bought her.

"I don't need no nigga around her." He shrugged.

"I was going to leave with him. I wouldn't be disrespectful now." It wasn't even the fact Noah was a guy for me it was that I didn't know him all that well and I wouldn't have any random around my kid.

"So now I'm your babysitter or what?" He didn't want me to win this one so no matter how I played it in his head I'm wrong.

"You're her dad."

"So that means you just hand her off to me when you trying to go on dates and shit? Got me all the way fucked up." He scoffed finally looking to me.

"Dates?" I laughed. "You know that nigga likes niggas right?"

"That's cap." He shook his head.

"I have no reason to lie I don't owe you a thing we ain't together."

tbh do y'all even want them together ? 🤣
cause i dont want him to keep doing her dirty, but i'm also no deleting any of the kids he do have. they all gonna end up popping up.

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