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call kentrell and tell him to calm the fuck down

he tripping on niggas right now and i tried stopped him but he just ended up trying to fight me i dont know what the fuck he on but he not himself right now

i aint calling nobody

wya i'm pulling up

nigga u crazy ?

you think pulling up while my niece in you while ur nigga being dumb to a group of hella niggas a good idea ?

just fucking call him to you cause if i even think these niggas thinking something bad about you imma help him kill em all

i'm calling him right now

what that nigga tripping for

he came in a bad mood tbh he out here looking for a fight

he's not picking up

is he arguing with them rn?

nah the security guard brought us all outside

who there?

whole gang

tell montana to bring kentrells dumbass to my cousins.

got you👌🏽

It was like we were back at square one. It always ends up like this, I get my hopes up for something different this time around and he proves me wrong.

Countless of times we end up in the same cycle you'd think I would learn by now, but in my own way I craved it. I loved that I was the only person to be able to calm him down when he was heated like this.

I was already waiting outside for him knowing that if Three said he got me, he gonna make sure I get whatever it was that I wanted. They were all like that, and sure they all would turn a blind eye to fuck shit Kentrell would put me through, but I know when it counts I can count on them.

Seeing Montana's car pull up, I stood up arms crossed over my big ass belly and all.

Kentrell got out the car telling them all bye, then he started making his way over to my mad ass. I waited for them to drive off before I said anything.

"You don't know how to act or what nigga?" It was crazy because every time I would yell at Kentrell the baby will start kicking the fuck out of me. It never failed, even when he was the one in the wrong. 

Truthfully it never bothered me when he was on a sick one like this because if anything I'd be right there helping him, but shit was different now that we're having a baby. I just wish he could see that.

"Niggas be dumb." He shrugged.

"Nigga that's what you going to tell your daughter when she seeing you through fucking glass cause you killed niggas for being dumb?"

He looked down. He knows he's wrong. "And I was told you went in there looking for a fight so it seem to me you the dumb nigga."

"Who told you that?" He looked up the fact of him being "snitched on" catching his attention.

"Does it matter?" I sighed. "What's wrong with you?"

"It's stupid." He shook his head. Every time he said something was stupid it was just because he was too embarrassed to say that he has feelings.

"Nothing you feel is stupid Trell." My voice softened. I knew when the nigga was going through it and just needed to talk. I couldn't let my anger get the best of me. Especially because I already said my peace, now it's his turn.

"I'm just angry at a lot of things right now Kai."

I grabbed his arm pulling him towards me. He immediately wrapped his arms around me just holding me, "I got you always Kentrell."

"I know." He said softly.

rest in fucking peace
to juice man🕊🙏🏽💙

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