⁙ twenty six ⁙

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If I would have known what was going to happen while we were having lunch, I really never would have went. But because I didn't know I'm currently in Noah's car on the way to the hospital.

It took him awhile for him to even convince me to do that, because what I really wanted was to just get dropped off at home and drive myself but my contractions had other plans for me.

My next plan was to get dropped off and have Kentrell take me. But guess who doesn't pick up his phone? You would think he would know better.

Noah was quiet for the ride until we finally got to the hospital, "Do you want me to call your mom or something?"

"No." I said quietly remembering the last thing she told me when she found out I was pregnant.

"Your baby daddy?"

I let out a little laugh, "I'm pretty sure he would be under or something."

"You guys aren't on good terms?"

"I would never keep him from his baby. He's just not answering, and my phones dying."

"We can try calling him on my phone." He offered.

"Noah its really best he doesn't know about you. I'm going to try all our friends till the call me to the back." All I knew is someone better fucking answer.

"You could leave your phone charging with me while in your in the back and if any of them call back I'll take it to you."

And that's exactly what we did and it would've worked if the nurses had let Noah back there with me, but since they didn't he had to answer it.

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