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Kentrell ended up spending the night. Waking up with his arms around me and his face in the crook of my neck I really couldn't picture a life without him.

I couldn't see myself getting even half as comfortable as I am with Kentrell with someone else.

The baby has been a lot more active lately, always kicking the fuck out of me like if I was invincible or some shit. I moved Kentrell from holding me being that I really had to pee.

As soon as I left the bed, Kentrell popped up out of his sleep rubbing his eye, "The fuck you going?"

"The bathroom. That okay with you dad?" I rolled my eyes. This nigga always on toes.

"Shut up before I give you another baby after you have Amoura." He put the pillows up so he could lean on them while he sat against the headboard.

I went into the bathroom connected to the room leaving the door open, "Oh fuck no, I'm getting strapped up on birth control after I have her."

"What for?" I don't know why, but he genuinely sounded confused.

"Cause you gave her enough siblings already." I quietly say coming out the bathroom. I know it wasn't right to keep bringing up the same shit, but it was so fucking hurtful.

He got quiet too after I said it. I just stood at the end up the bed looking at him I know he feels bad.

"Come here." He moved over tapping the seat he once was at. I took in a breath going over. He grabbed my hand putting it on his lap, "I'm angry because I hurt you and there's nothing I could do about it. I'm angry that you're stuck between hating me and loving me cause shit shouldn't be this way for us Kai, we supposed to be a family."

It was my turn to stay quiet, "I'm angry that my grandma ain't here to slap me and just be all on your side about this because you know she would've been. I'm angry she doesn't get to hold Amoura or any of my other babies. I'm just so fucking angry that everything I'm angry about have no solution."

"You know your grandma going to be there watching over all her great grandbabies right? I know it not the same, but she's going to know them Trell." I tried to assure him, but I knew once he had his mind set to something he was the only one could change it. He was constantly fighting with his own demons.

this book either going to
be really long or gonna
have a sequel i'm not
sure which one just yet.

but obviously they are both
young here and he doesn't
have his fame or even all
the kids that he do yet.

he will. i'm not changing
anything about his life
except the herpes🤢.

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