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We were at his momma house eating with the rest of his family, and everything was good until Kentrell took me outside. He sat me down at the little bench his brother used to smoke at. I could tell he was nervous by the way he was pacing back and forth.

"What's on your mind nigga?"

He finally stopped in front of me taking in a breath, but the way he did it made it seem like it was about to be his last one, "You know the way you found out about Nisha?"

"Yes...." I said it quietly, was he about to open up about this shit to me?

"Well I feel bad about that shit. I know you must've felt stupid, and" He pauses looking at me up and down, I guess trying to read my reaction before saying, "I love you mane. Don't forget that shit."

"I love you too. And I appreciate you saying something about it, and I know it was probably scary to not do with the information you knew, but finding out the way that I did was so fucking embarrassing. I really felt like damn do I even know this nigga?"

He smiled a little, "You know me the best after me."

He sat down next to me taking my hand in his, "No matter what you my number one."

And I could tell from that statement alone that he did some fuck shit, and being what came out of his mouth next I was so fucking right.

"When you was asking me about if it was just Nisha a nigga said yeah because I didn't feel like the other bitch was important cause it was one time and shit. But uh, she pregnant too now."

I closed my eyes trying to picture a world where a nigga wouldn't put me through this shit, "That don't change shit though, you still the one I want to be with." He said it like that was supposed to change shit with me.

"It changes a lot for me."

He smacked his lips, "I coulda kept this one a secret and I'm being straight it's you. Ain't that what you asked for? What changing for you?"

"Nigga and if I told you I was finna have a baby on the side that ain't yours?"

"Then you and the nigga dying." He said calmly shrugging his shoulders like it was the easiest choice.

"And I'm supposed to be cool with you and these bitches?" I shook my head. It didn't make sense.

"You want me to kill em or what?"

"You annoying. They having your kid."

"You having my kid." He smiled putting his hand on my stomach then going to kiss it, but I smacked him away I didn't want his dumbass touching me right now or anytime soon.

"That's all I'm doing for you nigga. We definitely not getting back together after this one." I stood up not even sure if I meant what I was saying, "But go ahead keep making your soccer team of baby mommas."

He shook his head at me, but I know he wanted to laugh, "You so petty nigga."

Surprisingly he let me leave this time.

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