⁙ twenty seven ⁙

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The first thing Noah heard after he said hello was a voice in the background, he was assuming he was on speaker and everyone could hear him, "Why a nigga answering Kaia phone?" Montana questioned in the back seat.

"This is Kaia's friend, we were hanging out and then-" Noah was trying to explain, but then was cut off.

"Who this?" Of course it was Three to say something, he wasn't paying attention until he saw the caller id and the voice didn't match.

"I just said Kaia's friend." Noah repeated himself. He wasn't about to say nothing, but all he could think is these niggas are dumb.

"And you're answering my girls phone because?" The voice that sounded closest to the phone finally spoke. He was honestly hurt he'd never let a bitch answer Kaia's phone call and he was shook she let someone answer his call.

"You know damn well Kaia ain't your girl no more Youngboy." Ben laughed in the passenger seat. Kentrell back handed him in the chest he expected no one to play with him right.

"Your girl? Okay so you're her baby daddy right? Come to the hospital she's having contractions."

"What's contractions?" Ken questioned scratching his head. These niggas dumb.

Nothing else mattered to Kentrell anymore. He didn't care that him and Kaia weren't okay, he didn't care this nigga was on her phone, all he cared about was seeing his baby. His first baby.

yeah i was gonna
wait longer for
the baby BUT NAH😂

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