Remembering Sunday (7,8,9)

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Chapter 7

We all sat at the table. I knew I had to tell them and after the news they were all silent. My sisters and my father. I’d asked Sean to leave. I didn’t think this had anything to do with him.

“I’ll call Mason and he’ll get…” Tamsen started. I shook my head.

“No, I’ve decided I’m not going to tell him.”

“What, but he’s the father. He deserves to know,” Sienna said.

“He left for a reason. I don’t know what that reason is, but I’m not going to bring him back because of this.”

“Daddy you can’t let her do this,” Sienna said looking at my father.

“It’s her decision,” he said. “But I’ve been there. Not knowing about my child. It’s not right.”

“So you guys would have me put his life on hold. His career on hold all for a mistake that I made?”

“You both made the mistake, but you’re going to be the one paying for it. Why should you be the one taking all the responsibility on your head?” Tamsen asked.

“If I’m willing to take it why should it matter?”

“Because it’s not a decision you should make on your own. If you tell him, he can decide to be in the child’s life or not, but then it’s his decision.”

“I know what he’ll do. He’ll run back here and I don’t want him to do that. He’ll only be back for the baby and not me.”

“So you’ll be jealous?”

“No…I just want him to comeback when he’s ready. When he wants to. Not when he thinks he has to,” I let my head fall forward into my folded arms. “Please guys,” I mumbled through my arms. Then I looked up. “Don’t tell him, give me a few months. I mean they usually don’t tell people they are pregnant until after the first trimester anyway. So…”

“So you’re going to tell him after the first trimester?” Tamsen asked.

“I don’t know, but as soon as I do you’ll know too,” I smiled at her and she didn’t smile back. “Look he left me. I don’t know if he even deserves to be in this child’s life.”

“Every father deserves a chance,” Sienna said.

“Girls, I think we should let Eve make this decision on her own. If she doesn’t want to tell then we won‘t. We should support her whatever her decision,” my father said. They nodded even though I could tell that they weren’t finished talking, but I was finished listening. This was my decision. It wasn’t fair for them to try and tell me what to do. We all got up and went our separate ways. I went to my room and closed the door sitting on my bed. I was going to have a baby. Was I really ready to do this? Could I do it without Dane?

I picked up my phone. I needed to talk to my someone neutral. I dialed Doc Cho’s number.

“Dr. Cho how can I help you?”

“Uh its Eve. I was wondering if I could come in today. Like now?”

“You have an appointment tomorrow,” she said as though it was a big inconvenience to see me.

“I…I’m pregnant and I don’t know what to do,” I blurted into the phone.

“Eve I know that you are probably really overwhelmed right now, but what I want you to do is get some rest today and come in tomorrow. Then we can discuss your options,” she said in a calm voice. She was basically telling me that it was no big deal and that the problem could wait till tomorrow.

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