Remembering Sunday (26,27)

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Chapter 26

“That looks nice,” Ben said coming out to the balcony where I was painting. I smiled, knowing that he probably didn’t understand what the rather random streaks of black and yellow paint represented. He’d had the supplies delivered the day after we arrived and now this being the third day I’d decided to use it. I felt comfortable enough with the nannies it wasn’t like I was far from them and the children.

“You know not everyone always gets your lyrics either,” I said teasingly.

“Fair enough,” he said. “Look you’ve been here a day and a half and I was hoping that you would join me tonight. I want to go to Haven. You know Devin’s in town and he really wants to see you,” I shrugged my shoulders not really wanting to agree or disagree. In the past I hadn’t gone out much while living with him.

“Why doesn’t he just stop by?” Before his friends all had free reign over his house. Something I keenly remember because of Devin’s intrusive presence.

“Because he doesn’t have a key anymore, none of them do. I figured if I expected you to put some boundaries on your friends and family I would do the same.”

“That’s awfully mature of you,” I said teasingly. “But we don’t really need that, because after this week. There will be no you and me. So…”

“Yeah ok,” he said brushing off my warning. I took a deep breath. He was still holding out hope that I would change my mind and I knew I wasn’t giving any mixed signals. “Look do you have anything to wear?”

“Yeah I’ll just get something out of the closet,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Well since I wasn’t sure, I got you something.”


“Well I kinda hired someone to dress you for tonight,” I rolled my eyes.

“Benjamin  Lewis Kingston Carran III, you know I hate that kind of stuff,” I said placing my hands on my hips. “I’m twenty-six years old and perfectly capable of dressing myself,” he smiled and stepped very close to me. He placed his hands on my hips removing mine. He leaned in very close to my face as though he were about to kiss me.

“Eve I know you are capable of a lot of things,” I swallowed hard. “But just for tonight I want to give you a little help.

“Oh,” was all I could say. I knew I should have pulled away or scolded him, but my heart was in my throat.

“Just trust me,” he took my chin in his hand and ran his thumb over my bottom lip. With those last words he stepped back and went into the house. I shook my head to gather my thoughts and took another deep breath, and then turned to quickly pack up the supplies and the easel. I stepped into the house and immediately noticed the woman in the living room.

“Hello I’m Pamela Roundhouse,” a she said. She was only about five-two with droopy dark brown hair. She looked like she had trouble dressing herself, because there was nothing great about the way she looked. She wore a simple faded orange t-shirt and jeans.

“Hey, I’m Eve,” she smiled at me.

“I bought a few things, all casual because that’s what Ben said you liked to wear,” she had already started unpacking outfits. “He said you were about a size four, so I guessed these things would fit. Can you go try this on first?” she said handing me a yellow and white baby doll dress.

“I…This is kind of bright for a night club,” she bit her lip.

“Yeah you’re right, but this is the size I had you pegged for and it will tell me if this line will work for you. I have a hair stylist on the way and…”

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