Remembering Sunday (12,13)

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Chapter 12

"D...Dane?" I choked out.

"I juss wanna..." I heard a struggle for the phone then a gruff female voice came over the line.

"Hello?" I was thankful to hear a sober persons voice over the line.

"Yes?" I responded.

"Is this guy a friend of yours?"

"Something like that," I said not quite sure how to answer the question. "Is he alright? Could you give the phone to Mason or one of the other guys?"

"He came here alone. I was hoping that you would come and get him. These harpies are circling like vultures. Once he passes out he won't have a penny left to his name. I would keep an eye on him myself but I got a bar to run and it's about to get pretty busy here."

"I would, but I'm all the way in DC."

"Good I can give you the address, we aren't that far away from Dupont Circle," I tried to think of a good reason why I couldn't go get him, but nothing came to mind. "Do you have a pin?"

"Uh...Yeah, go ahead," I took down the directions and said I wouldn't be more than ten minutes. I decided it would be best if I went this one alone. The last thing I needed was for my family to be fawning over me and telling me they didn't want me out late at night. I drove my father's car to the club and had parked across the street. I looked up at the blue florescent sign that said Chaos. He would pick this place wouldn't he. I walked up to the bouncer who stepped in front of me.

"Are you on the list?" I rolled my eyes.

"The Bartender called me to get my drunk friend. I'll only be a second." I tried to step around him, but he again moved to stand in my way.

"What will you give me?" I reached into my pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill.

"This is all the cash I have," he looked at it like it was a dirty sock. "Come on give me a break."

"You just be damn glad you're cute," he said snatching the money and moving to the side. I didn't say anything, I just walked on into the club. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dimly lit club. I didn't look around much once they did. I just headed straight to the bar. There I found an woman that didn't look much older than myself. She had long black hair  and her nose was pierced with a single diamond stud. She wore a black tux vest with a black tie and jeans.

"Hey are you the one I spoke to on the phone?" I asked walking up to her.

"Yeah, that's me. The names, Alex," she said reaching out her hand for a hand shake.

"I'm Eve," I replied as I took her hand. "Where is he?" she pointed to the end of the bar and I saw a large figure sitting hunched over a drink. His hair fell blocking his face from view. "Thanks Alex," the closer it got to Dane the more I understood what Alex had said on the phone. The girls were literally circling around him. It was sad how desperate they looked. "Dane," I said tapping his shoulder once I'd reached him.

"Eve?" he asked looking up at me. He was definitely drunk.

"Yeah, where are you staying?" I asked trying to help him stand up. Surprisingly he stood pretty well on his own. He was even pretty stable as we walked toward the door.

"I...I don't remember. Four days or something like that," he said. I reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet as he giggled stupidly.

"The four seasons you dope," I said. The bouncer looked at us as we walked past.

"So you really were here to pick up a drunk friend?" I didn't even acknowledge him. I just kept guiding Dane to the car. It took me forever to get him into the passenger's side seat then I went around the car and got into the driver's side. I sat there for a moment trying to catch my breath.

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