Remembering Sunday (16,17)

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Chapter 16

I slowly opened my eyes listening to the machines I was obviously hooked up to.

"Mason...You better get him here...But...Did you tell him she was in the hospital?" I heard Tamsen pleading with him on the phone. "Did you tell him she's pregnant with his..."

"Tammy!" I screamed as best I could with my raspy voice. "

"Look don't you tell me not to tell him you're in the damned hospital..."

"Tamsen Woods stop it now. Me and the baby are both fine," I said hoping that I wasn't lying.

"You mean both you and the babies. The doctors found another heartbeat. You are having twins."


"Tamsen you're scaring her," Ramsey said. I turned to see him sitting on the other side of the bed. I hadn't even noticed he was there before. "Didn't I tell you not to get too stressed out?"

"I'm glad I'm scaring her. Maybe a little fear will make her stop being so stubborn and tell Dane," Tamsen said.

"She's awake?" Ben said coming into the room. Sienna and Bryce followed closely behind him. "Oh thank god. The doctors said you would be fine, but I had to see it for myself," then he walked over and surprised me by kissing me. I heard sighs through the room.

"Evie please tell me..." Sienna started as Ben pulled away.

"Don't start CeCe, she's already in the hospital." Bryce said. I could have kissed the man.

"So we just sit back and let her get back with him?" She asked outraged. I was seriously starting to regret being related to those two.

"Wait I'm not back with him," I said.

"But the doctor said...and the ring..." I looked down at my left hand and almost screamed. A diamond engagement ring had manifested its self onto my hand. I gave Ben a quizzical look.

"I only did that so they would let me ride in the ambulance..." he said trying to make an excuse.

"So you just happened to hand a four carat diamond ring in your pocket?" Ramsey asked.

"Well maybe I was going to ask someone to marry me," he said looking me in the eye.

"Well I'm sorry that I kept you from your other plans," I said trying to give him a way out of this embarrassing situation.

"I was going to ask you..."

"I know you dummy. I was trying to give you an easy out."

"Why would I want an out?" he asked dumbfounded.

"Because I can't marry you," I said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which I honestly thought it was.

"Why?" he asked. I looked around the room everyone seemed to have moved a little closer and all gone silent.

"Do you guys think you can give Ben and I a moment?" they all sighed but slowly filed out of the room. "Ben I can't marry you because we didn't work the first time. So I know we won't work the second time."

"The only reason we didn't work last time was because so many people kept coming between us."

"Ben the only person that came between us was you. You sabotaged all of my relationships and my reunion with my family and friends. You wanted the whole thing to blow up in my face."

"Because I didn't want to lose you to them."

"Which just brings me back to you being selfish and that you broke up with me. I have two other people coming into my life that are going to be more important than you."

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