Remembering Sunday (32,33)

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Chapter 32

Tamsen and Mason dropped us off at the airport early the next morning. We had first class tickets and one layover to look forward too. Tamsen had taken it upon herself to put together a nursery in the spare bedroom at Dane’s. I wanted to leave the nursery at my father’s as is so he would know we would still come and visit often.

That was another thing I wasn’t looking forward too, facing my father. As it is he’s over protective and we were just getting to know each other. I smiled as Dane put Ethan on his shoulder; the boy promptly fell asleep as if he’d always belonged in his father’s arms.

By the time we landed at Reagan Airport I was exhausted and the boys were wide awake and ready to play. Dane went to hale us a cab. Five minutes later he returned and helped me carry the boys and our bags out to the curb.

“Hey you guys need a ride?” A familiar voice said. I smiled and spun around to see Ramsey standing a few feet away from me. I rushed over to him and threw my empty arm around him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.

“How did you know about us coming home?” I asked.

“Tamsen called me to tell me what time your flight would come in,” he and Dane helped me get the boys settled in the backseat of his car. Somehow I ended in the back sitting between the two car seats. Ramsey closed the door and then walked up to Dane. I thought they would talk then get into the car, but instead Ramsey bought his arm back and sucker punched Dane in the face. I frantically started looking for a way to get out of the car, but I was trapped. Finally I climbed into the front seat and out the passenger’s side door just in time to see Ramsey push Dane against the brick wall, pinning him with his forearm in place.

“If you ever think even think about hurting her like that again…”

“Stop!” I yelled pushing him away. I knew Dane could have beaten him if he’d tried, but for some reason he hadn’t lifted a finger to defend himself. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’ve been waiting to do that since I found the fedora in your front seat,” Ramsey said out of breath.

“For what?” I asked studying the damage done to Dane’s face. He had a busted lip and I could see the start of a black eye.

“For hurting you,” Dane said with a smile. “I was waiting for someone to be mad enough to do something about it.”

“Why didn’t you fight back you dummy?” I asked hitting his arm. He just laughed.

“Cause I deserved it,” I rolled my eyes and turned to face Ramsey.

“Why didn’t you stop when he didn’t fight you back?” this time Ramsey smiled.

“Cause he deserved it,” I grunted in frustration and pushed him out of the way. I climbed back into the car mumbling about the stupidity of men and listening to the two of them laughing at me. I got settled and watched them shake hands as though they hadn’t just been fighting. Then they both got into the car.

“You’re both idiots, you know that right?” I said.

“Yeah but you love us and that’s all that matters,” Ramsey said pulling out into traffic. “Oh and heads up your dad doesn’t know you’re moving to LA. We all thought it would be best if you told him when you got back.”

“I really wouldn’t have held it against you if you’d told him. In fact I encourage you to do so at your earliest convenience,” I said.

“No way was I going to tell him that. Do you know how mad he was when you left with Ben four days ago?” I couldn’t believe it had only been four days. “That was just a trip; this is going to be permanent. Sorry baby girl, but this one you’re going to have to handle all on your own.”

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