Remembering Sunday (10,11)

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Chapter 10

A week later Ramsey and I walked into the reception hall after Arlie's wedding. It had been a beautiful ceremony. I was escorted down the aisle by Tysona who was happy to see me. Then I avoided Ben, but it didn't seem like he wanted to avoid me. I could tell by the look in his eyes. He kept stealing glances at me from his spot standing next to the groom.

I refused to look out into the audience for fear that I would see Dane and his date. When it was over we stood around and took pictures for about an hour. That's when it was hardest to avoid Ben. Since Tamsen was the maid of honor I didn't have to take pictures with him, but waiting around for the pictures that neither of us were in was hard. I tried to keep my distance and I guess I was lucky because somehow we never talked or ran into each other.

Ramsey escorted me into the reception hall and I found my seat at the front table with the rest of the wedding party. We all ate while I avoided eye contact with Ben. He wouldn't stop starring and I could tell his date was getting frustrated with him, but there was nothing I could do. Even though I tried not to my eyes still searched the room for Dane and each time I found him. I kept silently entreating him to look at me, but it never happened. I watched as he laughed and enjoyed his dinner with his friends. Finally after everyone had eaten their share we all watched as the newlyweds had their first dance.

Then the time came when I was going to make my timely escape. No one would notice because they were dancing. I made my way to the door just as someone grabbed my wrist. I turned to see Ben.

"Hi," he said with that million dollar smile of his.

"Oh hi Ben, how are you?" I asked trying to keep my cool.

"You aren't leaving so soon are you? I mean the party just started."

"I...Well I'm tired you know. Long day, so I was going to cut out early. I mean I have some things to take care of for the gallery early tomorrow morning."

"Well are you really going to leave without your date?" I could tell by his tone that he wasn't being nice about this. He was trying to start a fight and I wouldn't do that to Arlie and Harvey. I wasn't going to ruin their wedding.

"I was going to call him from the car," I replied snatching my hand away. I looked over his shoulder. "Your date doesn't look too pleased over there."

"So you are with Ramsey now? I thought you were with Dane," he said ignoring what I'd said.

"Dane and I broke up. Ramsey is just my escort because I didn't want to come alone."

"Hey Carran, why don't you leave my sister alone?" Bryce said walking up and snaking his arm around my waist.

"Are you sure this isn't your girlfriend?" Ben retorted.

"I wasn't the one who couldn't tell the difference you were," Ben's face turned to stone and I took a deep breath as Bryce turned me away from Ben only to have me run smack dab into Dane. We both stood there for a moment just looking at each other. He didn't look any different and it surprised me. I don't know why but I thought he would look different.

"Why," I croaked out. I wish I hadn't said that, but I couldn't help it. I needed to know why he left.

"Eve let's not do this here. Not now," he said leaning in close to me. I could smell him. He smelled so good. I'd missed it.

"No, it's now or never. You didn't even say goodbye. You just left while I slept," I said. He took a step back and turned toward the door, only to find Ramsey standing in his way.

"Why not answer her?" he said. Dane tried to step around him, but Ramsey wasn't moving.

"Ramsey now isn't the time for this. Both of us know that," Dane said.

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