Remembering Sunday (4,5,6,)

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Chapter 4

I rolled over to get closer to Dane. It's been two days since I told my father that I wouldn't be taking over the gallery. To say he wasn't happy would be an understatement. He was livid, but most of his anger was directed at Dane not me. I hadn't even told him why I made my decision but I didn’t really have to because I don‘t think he cared.

When I didn’t feel his familiar shape. I opened my eyes to see that there wasn’t anyone in bed next to me. I sat up and looked around the room. The first thing I noticed was his bag was gone. He was so used to living out of a bag on tour that he never unpacked. Except for the few things that had been washed by the maid all his things were in that bag. I got out of bed and checked the bathroom. He wasn’t there either so I went downstairs. I found my father in the kitchen making coffee.

“Hi,” He said. I could already tell from the sound of his voice something was wrong.

“Where’s Dane?” I asked. He took a deep breath and poured two cups of coffee.

“Princess, Dane left,” I sank down into the chair closest to me.

“Did he say why?” I said calmly. He walked over and sat one of the coffee cups in front of me. He sat the other in front of an empty chair and went to the refrigerator.

“Baby I’m sorry, he just said that this wasn’t what he wanted and left.”

“Was…Why didn’t he wake me?”

“He said he couldn’t tell you. I just think he was trying to get out of taking responsibility for leaving you,” I ran my fingers through my hair and he returned with French vanilla coffee creamer in his hand. “Baby girl he wasn’t worth…”

“Don’t…” I said while shaking my head. I didn’t want him to bash Dane. Dane had been the most respectful of all my boyfriends. He had been the most attentive, the most encouraging, and the only one I could truly see myself with in the future. That was something I wanted to respect, not look back on it as a mistake cause the time we spent together wasn’t a mistake at all.

“Eve,” I poured some creamer into my coffee and took a sip. “You know you still have your family.”

“I know daddy, I just… I’m going to be in my room,” he nodded and I stood leaving the coffee on the table. I walked over to the kitchen drawer opened it and took out the timer. Then I left and went back to my room. I turned on my ipod and cranked the volume all the way up. I set it on repeat so that it would play Dear God. Then I set the timer for an hour.

This was something my new shrink taught me. Set aside time to deal with the problem and don’t let others deal with it for you. I would only commit one hour to crying over Dane Sloan. I would only listen to this song for the next hour and after that I would never again listen to it on purpose. It bought back too many things that reminded me of him. After I was sure the timer was started I let the walls of the dam break and tears started streaming down my face.

I cried silently until the timer went off. Then I got up turned off my ipod and went into the bathroom. I took a long shower, put on my make up and did my hair. Then I went and got dressed. I put extra effort into my look. Another thing my shrink said. You should dress for how you want to feel.

Once I was dressed I went downstairs to the kitchen. It was pretty late in the morning now so I wasn’t surprised to come down and see both my sisters sitting at the table eating.

“Eve I’ve been trying to call him all day. If that bastard thinks I’m going to let him get away with this…” Tamsen started. I just put my hand up to stop her.

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