Remembering Sunday (20,21)

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Chapter 20

I took a deep breath hoping that the pounding in my head would stop soon, but something told me it wouldn't end until after my sisters left. They both sat in chairs next to my bed. Today was our girl's day. Usually if one of them came they would bring Bryce or Mason with them, but on Wednesdays it was just the three of us, mostly because the guys got tired of hearing the specifics of pregnancy.

"Why didn't you just call him?" Sienna asked for the third time.

"That's not a conversation that you have on the phone and what's to say that he would actually have answered the phone when I called?"

"Have you tried calling him?" Tamsen asked.


"Evie it's been three weeks you gotta call him," Sienna said.

"No, I said if he didn't show up that I would take it as his answer. I don't want either of you to give him a hard time about it. I screwed up by not telling him in the first place."

"Get over the guilt do you really want to give birth to your children without the man you love by your side?" Tamsen said taking my hand in hers.

"I'm not going to force him to be where he doesn't want to be, he wouldn't do that to me and I refuse to do that to him," they both rolled their eyes realizing that I wasn't going to budge.

"Hey..." I closed my eyes as Ben entered the room with a carryout bag in hand. The girls looked shocked that someone lacking estrogen levels as high as ours would dare come in on a Wednesday. I on the other hand only saw the bag.

"Gimmie," I said not really caring what it was.

"Wait a minute what is that?" Sienna asked standing between Ben and me. I rolled my eyes.

"It's a burger and fries from the diner down the street. I'm sure Evie is tired of the hospital food."

"For once you got something right Ben," I said. "Sienna move out of the man's way or hand over the bag please."

"No way, that's just grease and fat. You need healthy food for those two kids," I rolled my eyes. "Besides he's not welcome here..."

"So you haven't told them about the bet yet?" Ben said peaking over her shoulder. She turned to look at me and he quickly bypassed her and handed me the bag.

"Bet?" Tamsen said.

"Don't worry about it," I said with a mouth full of food.

"So keeping secrets again?"

"I said I wouldn't lie and I'm not lying. It's really nothing you should worry about," Ben was smiling like he'd just gotten the upper hand. I knew what he was doing trying to stir up more trouble with my family.

"You do realize that omission is a lie right?" he said.

"Tell us," Sienna said giving him the evil eye.

"Fine, it's simple really if Dane doesn't come in the next five weeks..." I stopped and took a deep breath. "I'll stay a week with him in LA."

"What?" Sienna yelled. I grimaced at the screech in her voice.

"Are you crazy?" Tamsen asked. Ben just laughed.

"I'm not the anti-Christ," this time I shot him an evil glance. "I'll take good care of our girl."

"She's not your girl," Sienna said. "Not anymore and you are going to leave your children so soon after they are born?"

"No they are going to come with me and I won't leave until two months after they are born. Then we'll stay a week at Ben's to prove that it won't work between us. Then he'll leave us alone for good."

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