Remembering Sunday (30,31)

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Chapter 30

“I know I probably should have asked this before I got into the car with you, but where are we going?” I asked after we’d been driving for twenty minutes.

“To my place, if that’s okay with you,” he said not looking away from the road.

“Perfect, never been to your place before, you know I have a question, how did you find out how long I’d been in the hospital if you didn’t receive my letter?”

“Look can we wait until we get to my place before we have this conversation? I don’t want to do this in the car with the kids,” I smiled.

“Turning into super dad already huh?” Before he could answer my phone started to ring. I looked at the caller id and saw that it was Tamsen. 

“So I may have done something bad,” she said when I answered.

“You really should never start any conversation like that. It just prepares someone to be angry with you for whatever it is that you know may have been wrong.”

“Well I may have told Dane how long you were in the hospital, by accident on purpose. I just thought…”

“Don’t worry. He’s here and we are headed to his place,” I said.

“I’ll be over in about an hour…”

“No we still have some stuff to smooth out between the two of us. I need you and everyone else to stay away until tomorrow and tell that to your boyfriend too.”

“Are you sure? I just want to make sure you and the kids are okay,” She said I took a deep breath. I was the older one; she shouldn’t be the one worried about me all the time, at least not anymore.

“I’m not with Ben anymore so you have nothing to worry about.”

“If you say so, I’ll be over first thing tomorrow. Love you,” I smiled.

“You did the right thing by telling him and I love you too. Bye,” I said hanging up. I looked over at Dane. His hands clutched the steering wheel in a death grip and his knuckles were turning white. I was relieved when twenty minutes after I hung up the phone we pulled into the driveway of a beautiful beach house. It had a wraparound porch with a balcony overhang. It looked pretty big from the front. We quickly unloaded our things and walked in the front door. It had this homey laid back feel to it, exactly like Dane himself.

“I don’t have a nursery prepared, but if you want to lay them down on my bed for a nap or…”

“I didn’t expect you to have a readymade home for us Dane,” I said in a clipped voice.

 “I’m trying really hard here Evie. I really am, but I’m hurting. Every person I trust has been lying to me…”

“They didn’t lie. They just didn’t tell you. In fact they probably thought like I did. That you had received the letter and decided that you didn’t want anything to do with me or the boys…”

“That’s what you think of me? That I would abandon you and my children? That I wouldn’t come to you the very first moment I knew that you were truly in trouble?”

“You knew when I went into the hospital and you didn’t come. That was your own fault, not mine. You can’t say that you didn’t know cause I heard Tamsen telling you to get your ass there on the phone,” I said lifting Evan from his car seat.

“She told me that you were in the hospital, I asked what was wrong she said she couldn’t say,” he said lifting Ethan from his car seat. “To me that meant that it was probably just a ploy to get me to come back and I knew the moment I came back again I wouldn’t be able to leave…I almost couldn’t leave you in that hotel room. I sat there for three hours watching you sleep in my arms. Knowing that I was about to break your heart. I swear if you had just woken up while I was still there I wouldn’t have been able to budge. I kept praying you would wake up and just look at me or moan or something and when you didn’t I pushed myself away.”

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