Remembering Sunday (36,37)

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Chapter 36

“I really did think you were crazy,” Sienna said as we walked through the small wedding dress boutique. It had been a week since I’d agreed to marry Dane and nothing had gone wrong. I was on cloud nine.

“I was not crazy, just cautious.” I said with a smile. I pointed to one of the dresses and said to the sales associate that I wanted to try that one on as well.

“How many are you going to try on?” Sienna asked I knew I’d picked the wrong sister to shop with, but Tamsen hadn’t arrived yet and neither had Arlie. We didn’t have a lot of time to plan the wedding. Both Dane and I wanted it to be small so we weren’t inviting a lot of people nor were we trying to let the media in on the event. We were getting married at my father’s house, and after that we would go on a pretty long honeymoon thanks to my father. He volunteered to keep the boys while we were away for two weeks.

“I’m going to try on as many as I want, I can’t just pick…Oh my god that’s the one,” I said looking at the gown in front of me. It had a bellowing waist and a corset top and a long train going down the back. “That’s the only one I have to try on,” I told the lady. She just smiled and went to get the dress.

“Are you sure?” she asked. “It usually takes a few…”

“I’m positive,” I’d never been more sure of anything in else and after I slid the dress up my body and let the lady tie the strings in the back. It wasn’t one of those dresses that looked like a corset and had a zipper it was an actual corset.

“That is perfect,” Sienna said. We chose accessories and decided together that I would not have a vale, we told them to rush the dress so it would actually be ready in two days and that would give us more than enough time to finish everything else. “Okay honey I’ve got to go, I promised Frank I would help him pick out his tux.”

“Why is he wearing a tux?”

“I wasn’t supposed to say anything, but Dane wants all the guys to wear tuxes and they all agree that you really deserve a class A wedding no matter how small the ceremony.”

“I’m not going to overact it’s not that big a deal and it still means that we are getting married.”

“Good cause you can’t tell him that I told you and you have to act surprised.” I rolled my eyes.

“Fine, they won’t know you told.” She kissed my cheek and watched as she got into her car and pulled off. I opened my car door and started to slid in only to be pulled back out roughly and the door slammed back closed almost catching my hand. “What the hell?”

“You are going to marry that convict?” Sean said pinning me to the side of my car.

“Sean what the hell are you doing here?”

“I was trying to get a chance to talk to you alone, but no one will let me into the house. Did you know your father fired me?”

“I’m sure he had good reason to fire you and yes I am getting married. What do you want?”

“You can’t marry him,” he said, the grip on my arm kept getting tighter.

“I can and I will marry Dane. Get off of me,” I said pushing his chest.

“No, you can’t marry him. You can’t give up on us.”

“Sean there is no us and I never gave you that impression. I’m sorry that you are mistaken, but I am going to marry Dane. Now move out of my way…” he cut me off by crashing his lips to mine. I struggled against him finally freeing my arm enough to smack him. He let me go, and then quickly smacked me back. I fell to my knees and started screaming for help.

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