Remembering Sunday (38,39)

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Chapter 38

I walked cautiously from the gallery toward the parking garage down the street. I’d stupidly stayed late putting finishing touches on a new painting and now it was dark. I looked both ways down the street and saw that it was utterly deserted. It had been three days since the incident with Sean, but the cops were under the impression that he’d left town so they had pulled the security detail off of me. I wasn’t convinced. The way he said that we weren’t finished was far too sincere to be taken lightly.

I walked toward my car; the garage was underground so there were shadows everywhere. I stopped halfway there hearing footsteps. There weren’t any cars parked near me because it was so late. I started walking faster, hoping that I was just being paranoid. I’d been accused of that a lot lately by the girls and Ramsey. They all think I’m overreacting and that Sean isn’t a real threat, but the look in his eyes.

I reached my car and as I reached out my hand to unlock the door something soft was slipped over my face. I couldn’t see anything anymore. I started swinging blindly at whoever was behind me until someone else grabbed my hand and twisted it behind my back. Then they quickly grabbed my other hand and did the same. I screamed out in frustration as I felt them tying something around my wrist. Then I was lifted up. I let my body go limp hoping that they wouldn’t be able to carry the dead weight instead two more hands joined the four and shoved me into a car trunk. I heard it slam closed and I tried to think of how to get out. I struggled with the ties on my wrist trying to get them off, but who ever had me was really good with knots.

I started thinking about everyone I loved. About how my children were going to grow up without me, and how Dane was going to feel when I didn’t come home like I was supposed to. I was going to miss Mason and Tamsen getting married and I would never know if Sienna got over her fear of marriage. I knew that Sean had to be behind this, but I didn’t know how to get out of it.

I felt the car stop and then the trunk opened. I kicked out but they grabbed my legs and then pulled me out of the trunk. Someone pulled me over their shoulder and carried me. I started kicking, but the person almost lost grip of me and I froze until they continued to walk. Finally the person dropped me into a chair.

“What the hell…” I heard Dane yelling and there was struggling.

“Dane?” I called out.

“Eve?” he responded. I heard him starting to struggle more and I began to struggle against my restraints. My blindfold was removed and I sat in the front of a room full of my friends and family.

“SURPRISE!” they screamed out. I looked to my left and there sat Dane. His hands bound behind his back.

“What the hell is going on?” he asked.

“Well this is your engagement party. We knew you guys would never agree to having one, so we decided to throw you one and drag you both kicking and screaming.” Tamsen said.

“I have a stalker that has disappeared and you guys thought it was a good idea to kidnap me?” I asked trying not to show how incredibly pissed off I was.

“It wouldn’t have worked if you had left before it got late,” Ramsey said as he untied my hands. “We all told you to stop working so late at the gallery.”

“What the hell…” I started.

“Calm down and enjoy the party.” Sienna said. Evie of them realizing how pissed off I was. Dane reached over and pulled me into his arms. I buried my face in his neck and took a deep breath. I heard music start to play and I knew they had all left us alone so that I could get myself together.

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