Remembering Sunday (40,41)

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Chapter 40

I rushed back out to the street and looked down both sides. I knew right away what car to go to because it was just as flashy as the one he drove. It was a cherry red BMW soft top convertible with bucket seats and temporary dealer tags. I knew there wouldn’t be any way to trace this car to me and I’d be surprised if it could be traced back to him. I opened the door and climbed in finding a piece of paper on the passenger’s side seat. It had numbers and then the words “Put me in the GPS.” That’s when I realized that it was actually coordinates, the longitude and latitude. I found the GPS on the dash board and put in the coordinates. Then jumped out and ran to my car putting the page in the windshield wiper so Dane would find it.

I rushed back over to the car and got in pulling out of the parking spot following the female voice of the GPS. From what I could tell I was headed back to my home town and after an hour of driving a familiar route I was positive. Why would he bring them all this way? What was the point? Thirty minutes before I got to my destination I had the sinking feeling that I knew exactly where he wanted me to go and why. It hit me like a ton of bricks as I pulled up to my child hood home. The small blue house with black shutters on the windows hadn’t changed since my parents were put in jail for what they’d done to me all those years and it still scared the hell out of me. I hadn’t been back since before Ben and I started whatever it was that we had and even then I’d dreaded coming for those Sunday dinners.

My mother wanted to give all the appearances of a happy family, so Sunday dinners were a must for Tamsen and I. It mostly consisted of my mother, Tamsen and I cooking a meal while the man my mother married sat in the living room watching TV. Once dinner was cooked we would sit at the table and I’d be offered up like a lamb to the slaughter of insults they threw my way. All the while Tamsen would try to defend me and on rare occasions I’d show up and no one but my mother’s husband would be there. I say rare occasions because most times I knew when Tamsen wasn’t going to be able to make it, but on those times that I didn’t for one reason or another I felt like I was that same kid that he’d first abused. I was genuinely scared of that man and as I walked up the cobble stone path across the lawn that led to the front door all those fears were crashing down on me.

I took a deep breath to keep moving forward, if my boys were in there then that’s where I needed to be. Finally I made it to the front door and went to grab the door knob, but before I could the door swung open. There stood Sean with a smirk on his face. He looked the same as he always had, but now there was a glint in his eye that was unsettling.

“Glad you could join us love,” he said taking my hand and pulling me into the house, I heard him lock the door behind us and took the time to look around. The place was empty now, but candles sat around illumining the rooms enough for me to see pretty well.

“Where are the boys?” I asked. I hoped that he couldn’t hear the waiver in my voice.

“They are resting. I want to talk to you Eve and as I mentioned before I don’t want any interruptions. I knew the moment I saw you for the first time that we were meant to be. I thought if I let you figure it out on your own…”

“Sean, please just give me my children.”

“Don’t interrupt me!” I saw the crack in his facade and realized how close to the edge he really was. This wasn’t the same man that went out of his way to have dinner with me in the hospital. “Listen I bought you here so that you could finally face your past. You need to move on and once you do you’ll realize that you don’t need a Neanderthal with tattoos covering ninety percent of his body. I understand that brute strength is the only thing you listen to so I had to take drastic measures. You’ll thank me when we have our own children.” He stepped forward wrapping his arms around me.

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