Remembering Sunday (18,19)

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Chapter 18


"Hi," I'd been in the hospital three weeks now cause that stupid doctor still thought I hadn't learned my lesson. My father and most everyone else were regulars around here. So much so that they moved me to a room with two beds so who ever stayed the night could sleep comfortably.


"How are you?" Sean asked handing me a bouquet of roses.

"My feet are swollen, I'm as big as a whale and I haven't seen anything but these four walls for about a month now other than that I'm fine. How bout you?"

"Tired of not seeing you around," he said with a smile. I just rolled my eyes. "Hey why don't we go for a walk?"

"Hello bed rest remember," I said as though he was mentally challenged.

"Wait here," again I rolled my eyes.

"Where else would I go?" I asked his back as he left the room. A few moments later he came back pushing a wheel chair.

"In you go," he said motioning to the seat. I raised an eyebrow. "Do you want to see the sun shining? It's still cold out, but the sun is shining brightly and the fresh air would probably do you some good."

"Fine you win," I said before I could maneuvering myself into the wheel chair he scooped me out of the bed and into his arms. Then gently sat me in the chair. After he had me settled he took a few of the blankets off the bed and tucked them around me.

"There," he said inches from my face. I could smell the mint from his breath and it wouldn't have taken more than me to move a few inches to kiss him. I shook my head trying to make the thought go away. Sean is not my type. He straightened up and went around the chair then started pushing me out of the door. "So if you could go anywhere today where would it be?"

"The gallery, I haven't been there since the opening. It's driving me insane. I just want to go in and make sure that the paintings aren't getting too exposed. I mean with the lighting and..."

"Didn't you get special lights," I smiled.

"Okay yes, but...That place is my baby and I'm stuck here without it."

"I've been there. In fact I was there just yesterday and Ramsey is doing a great job running things while you're here. You left it in capable hands. Besides what are you going to do when you have the babies? If I know you're father and I do. He's not going to let you go back to work for a while after that."

"See that's the best part. Since I'm my own boss I can take the kids in with me if I want to. Have a little nursery set up at work. In fact I've been meaning to tell my dad to see if he could have one set up in my office there. So I can get back to work..."

"Whoa slow down. You've really thought this through huh? I'll tell him later on tonight when I see him," he pushed the chair out into the hospital garden and started down one of the many paths.  Took a deep breath of the fresh air and savored the feel of the sun on my skin.

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