Chapter 20

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"The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes." ~Arthur Conan Doyle

Javier's POV

"Javi... come over," Drew waved me over with his right hand, the left was fixated on the mouse.

"What?" I glared, not able to hide my irritation any longer. We've been focused on the CCTV footage we got from the restaurant for over two hours. I was starting to lose hope and I could feel the frustration and anger flowing through my body.

"The video... you need to see this," Drew motioned to the screen and I huffed.

"I don't know how many fucking times we'll watch that shit. It's the same thing... the same fucking thing and it's messing with my eyes."

"That's because you're pissed off. You need to relax," Drew sighed. "But there's something you need to see if you would just get your impatient ass over here."

"Fine... I just hope it's worth something," I walked away from the window overlooking the yard where Rachel is playing with the kids and go to stand beside Drew at the work desk.

"There... take a look at her gait and body structure. What do you notice?"

I looked at the screen, my eyes registering the same scene I've been watching for over two hours. I see nothing out of the ordinary. Freya goes into the restroom and spends approximately seven minutes in there. The woman is loitering in the restroom hallway and immediately engages Freya when she steps out. She wraps a coat around her and leads her ou... hold up.

"Back it up a bit, Drew," I asked and leaned closer to the screen. Freya steps out and she wraps a coat around her and leads her out of the restaurant.

"There that's it," I growled.

"What do you notice?" Drew asked once again. I know he's already aware of the situation but he wanted me to point it out myself.

"Our Jane Doe is actually John Doe. It's a man, Drew, disguised as a fucking woman," The shoulders even though they looked bony still flexed when he draped a coat around Freya. A woman's shoulder can never be that broad. And then the height. Way too tall for a woman. I understand there are exceptions but I have a hunch on this one. The fucker's a man.

"We've got it," I didn't know how gloomy I was until a smile spread my lips apart and I fist pumped the air. I felt the rock in my heart ease up a bit and I let out a long breath. Finally, progress after hours and hours of searching.

"So do we take our findings to the police?" Drew asked me, leaning back in his chair.

I thought about his question. My brows Drew together as I tried to analyze what was best in this situation. The police could help find her faster now that we know his gender identity but we could be cut off completely and monitored if they find out we have a copy of the footage.

"We should finish this up ourselves. You up for that?" I nodded in Drew's direction.

"What the fuck, man. I was born ready," he grinned showing his pearly whites.

We continued skimming through the video to see if we could find out any more detail about the unknown man and after watching ten more times, we made out a bit of his facial characteristics and body stature. We tried looking for a match but nothing came up.

"Boys, you should take a break. I made you chicken sandwich," Geneva stepped in, placing the tray on the table. Two plates had been filled with Sandwiches alongside an unopened juice box.

I was about to thank her when my phone started to ring and vibrate inside the pocket of my jeans. I took it out and saw it was from Tara.

"Excuse me. I'll be right back," I stepped out of the room into the hallway connecting all the rooms in the upper part of the house. I swiped from left to right to answer the call and I put the phone to my ear. Tara's tiny voice flowed from the speakers and I tried hard to concentrate on what it is she was saying even though my mind was searching the four corners of the earth for Freya.

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