Chapter 2

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I kept seeing their barely clothed bodies in my head. I had no idea if it was a dream or reality, felt more like the latter and I had to admit I didn't like it one bit. A girl not older than 21 sauntered over to my side holding a cup filled with punch and a flirty smile plastered on her face. She sits on the empty bar stool across from me and rested a sweaty but soft palm on my lap.

"Hey mister!" The enthusiasm in her voice mixed with the slur of words told me she had quite a few shots before settling for punch. I smiled, looking around hopelessly for Brent needing help with the drunk lady only to find the fucker on the stage with his shirt off and girls cheering him on. He whistled and dragged a girl onto the stage with him and I groaned loudly facepalming. The girl chuckled and I looked up at her forgetting she was even there.

"Your brother?" She drawled, the flirtatious smile still on her face.

"Unfortunately for me, yes." I sighed and she laughed again.

"Well he's quite the catch. He's got the attention of the whole room except mine." She bats her lashes "He's not as good looking as you."

I didn't know it was the round of flattering.

"Well thank you miss but I always considered him the more attractive of the both of us." I replied truthfully and she waved her manicured fingers in my face.

"Oh you're being modest. I like you already." She giggled and I wished for nothing more than to expunge myself from the scene. She motioned over the bar man asking him to fill up shot glasses for the both of us.

"Uhm what do you think you're doing?" I asked dreading where this was going with it's plot twist.

"Relax... It's a good night. Don't you feel the energy! We're drinking to this!" She said excitedly waving her hand across the room.

The 'this' to me was nothing close to exciting with the sweaty bodies clinging and rubbing on each other and the air toxic with the smell of sex and horny individuals debauching each other hoping to land a toilet or dustbin quickie. I shuddered just thinking of all the diseases and uncleanliness flying around this sexually charged room. The club was obviously not the place for me.

"......Are you still with me?" Miss-perfect-manicure drawled and I hummed my reply.

"You zoned out on me. What were you thinking of? Taking me to your place?" She giggled apparently finding it funny. I sighed at how lacking she was in the humor department. If only she knew what I was thinking.

"Uhm sorry. You were saying..." I trailed off.

"The shots are here! Let's drink to a good night!" She downed three glasses in one go and I worried for her head the morning after than for mine. I wasn't so good with alcohol-- I could hold my own with a few bottles and shots-- but I knew with how drunk she was, she would embarrass me by calling me out and attracting attention if I didn't consume at least two shots.

"Here goes nothing." I said and threw back the remaining three shots. I shake my head to clear the effect of the strong alcohol and I looked up to see the lady grinning. Her hand trailed up my lap going up and I stopped her few inches from my manhood. It was very clear that she hoped the night ended with hot steamy sex but that wasn't what had me worried-- It was the fact that I wasn't feeling any form of attraction towards her, not even lust.

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