Chapter 12

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Javier's POV

I didn't mean to make such fast advances towards her though. I knew I was supposed to take it slow and easy but I could honestly say I wasn't in control of my fucking mouth and actions in that moment. I guess she wasn't creeped out considering she didn't retreat or point out my obvious flirtation. I didn't understand what was happening to me. This was a first and I've never really had much luck with firsts.

"Uncu Yavi more," Doris dragged my attention back to present. I looked at the gorgeous baby sitting in front of me with fiery red hair and striking green eyes just like her mummy.

"What's it, sweetheart?" I asked her with a smile on my face. She looked so cute in her yellow head band and her pretty sunflower dress.

"More of that," she pointed with her tiny index finger to the remnant ringlets of eggs on the side of my plate.

I chuckled at how cute she looked with her nose at table level as she stared hungrily at the egg she so craved.

"More eggs, pops," I yelled over the chatter of customers in the diner.

"Coming right up, boy!"

I turned my attention back to the family in front of me and smiled fondly at Darren who sat quietly in the corner munching on the piece of bacon strip his dad handed over to him.

"You look gorgeous and your dress does too, Doris," I commented and she raised her nose up to her dad.

"What gojos mean daddy?" She asked Drew confused and he laughed.

"Your uncle meant you look pretty like a princess, sweetie," he explained and she beamed at me showing off an incomplete pair of milk teeth.

"Thanks uncu," she giggled.

"Ease up on the big words, uncu," Drew jeered and I laughed raising my hands in mock surrender.

Pops stopped at our table and dropped the plate of eggs in my tray, proceeding to refill our almost empty mugs of coffee; tea for the children.

"Thanks pops," I smiled.

"Your new recruit isn't here today?" Drew asked and pops shook his head.

"Called in to say she'll be running late. Said her leg hurt real bad," Pops replied before moving on from our table to attend to a young couple that had called for his attention in the far back of the room.

"Overworked the lady now, did ya?" Drew smirked.

"Oh please," I scoffed. "I only introduced a new exercise."

"Aha! You should call her you know."

"I'd do that right after. I didn't know she wasn't okay."

"You'd know all these things if you'd call," Drew smirked once again.

"I fucking know it," I glared at him. "I just don't want to scare her or seem too chatty or all up in her business. Rachel said space is what they need," I shrugged.

"Hmm... Talking about Rachel, she asked me to tell you to bring her to the party next weekend," Drew said and threw a piece of bacon in his mouth.

I fed Doris a spoon of the scrambled egg and waited till she got all of it in her mouth before looking up at Drew. "What makes her think Freya and I are together?" I asked confused.

"I don't know," he shrugged. "She asked me to tell you to bring a girl over and I'm telling you to bring her over."

"Well, I'll pass."

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