Chapter 6

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~Jerry portrayed at the top. Hmm it seems Jerry is sexier than Javi.~

Javier's POV

I thought she wasn't going to show up. I expected that she would miss a day but there she was sitting on the bed with head phones in her ear and her eyes closed. It's been five weeks and with the way I'd been drilling her, I feared she would collapse but with each passing day she proved me wrong with her tenacity and dedication. She was dressed in a half top and shorts with no sneakers. Her hair had been braided into two loose braids and she had bands on her hands.

"Are you done staring or can I listen to the next song on my playlist?" She asked still with her eyes closed. I cleared my throat, dropping my gym bag in the side of the room.

"Good morning."

"You're late… Again. Ninth time time in five weeks." She scoffed laying on the bed after discarding her iPod.

"I didn't know we are keeping time now." I walked over to the cupboard getting her towels for the first exercise.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes making me chuckle.

"You ready?" I asked. She replied by snatching the towel from my hand and setting it in the right position. I monitored her movements with counts and after the desired number we switched to hands-on therapy.

"So I heard you own a dog?" I started, trying to engage her in a conversation.

"Yes." She replied.

"What's his name?" I asked. I moved my hands up to her legs and she flinched.

"Sorry did that hurt?" I stopped my movements.

She cleared her throat adjusting her position on the bed. "No never mind. Just go on."

I tread cautiously not wanting to startle her again. I worked up and down her legs and even though I could pretty much feel the bone still out of place, it wasn't as bad as before and it had been five weeks. If she kept up with the exercise, her ankle would be back to normal in no time.

"So what's his name?" I asked once again.

"Tommy." I'm surprised she's not badgering me, wanting to know how I knew she had a dog.

"You're probably wondering why I'm not asking how you knew about my dog, right?" She picked the question directly out of my mind.

"I figured everyone knows everyone in this town. And news travels fast around here." She said. I was about to reply her when Jerry barged into the room. I stepped back from her immediately retracting my hands to my side. It's not like we were doing anything bad. It was just therapy. Or was it?

"Hey boss. Sorry to interrupt your session but uhm there's trouble in the silver room." Jerry said. He wasn't the kind to barge into a room unless there really was an emergency.

"I'll be right back. You could start the next exercise. I'll join you in a bit." I said to Freya. I cleaned my sweaty forehead with a towel from my bag and chugged a full bottle of water.

"Hey Freya." Jerry greeted and I looked back to find the stupid smirk plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes at his blatant flirting.

"You coming or not?"

"Right behind ya boss." He winked at Freya who chuckles.

"So what's the trouble?" I asked as we pass through the main gym into the corridor leading towards the private training rooms for silver and gold members.

"A fight broke out in the silver room. One of the trainers told a member not to move the weights and he could use another because they were all measured. The man started yelling and punched the trainer square in the jaw." He explained and I hum.

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